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[Report] Amazon Delivers Refurbished/Used Yu Yuphoria Instead of New One

Customers are complaining that Yu Televentures are selling refurbished/used products, ordering from Amazon. Someone actually posted on Facebook about receiving a used/refurbished product from Amazon, ordered from the official seller CloudTail.

Ishaan Dua, who has bought a brand new Yu Yuphoria device from Amazon got a refurbished one (accvers identally?). Take a look at what Ishaan had to say on this.

yu yuphoria

Well, if this has to be believed, we should suspect something really wrong from Amazon or Yu Televentures. The phone was sold by the seller CloudTail, which is the official seller of Amazon handling sales of exclusive phones and other items in Amazon.

The phone was received in a used state with a damaged back panel, scratches and marks in the SIM card slot and on the slot for battery. Unfortunately we don’t have the image of the broken back panel as already returned the product back for refund. But we do have the image he taken of the SIM card slot and battery slot. Take a look at the image he shared :

yuphoria back panel

Here’s the Amazon order details of the product :


amazon yu yuphoria

The guy has returned the product now you can see the screenshot of that too below :

amazon return yuphoria

What’s more interesting is that more people commented on this post who faced similar issues with Yu’s products. Take a look :

amazon replies fb


Who is to be suspected for this? CloudTail or Yu Televentures?

That’s actually a very good question, if you think of it, CloudTail/Amazon just sells the device unopened and delivers to the customer. They don’t have access to the packaging or manufacturing of the device. So, this thing might have happened from an error from the part of Yu Televentures.

Well, how can this be an error? Repacking a device that was returned, that was not even checked and selling it once again to customer. Really?

Anyways, it’s something that has to be investigated and Yu Televentures should look deep into this issue if this was an error (what if it’s not?). Why? Just because their reputation is at stake.

What’s your say on this? Please let me know through comments!


  1. Same hear,But when i Receive yuphoria I was good,after 13 days my front camera not working properly,heating problem etc start,but amazon cant return it after 10 days.After that yu replace me a used product.which is full of scratches.I lost money. Don’t buy Yu products.

  2. Well, I’m reading this after buying the phone, and to be honest with ya. I didn’t go through all those things, I mean the phone new and not refubed andd its really working fine for me right now no lags till now its been 2months. Besides the heating prob when calling which I resolved by downloading super360 lite, there isn’t any complains about yu. As far as I know its cloudtail’s fault cause yu comes factory reseted which means they can’t obviously put those phones on sell and cloudtail on the other hand gets dozens of phones at a time from its factory. And cloudtail holds responsibility for what happens to the phone after that 1year of warranty they eventually they get the refurbished phones….. So I guess they are doing that.

  3. Even i face the same issue. i got the phone with scratches on the battery slot and all. I’m planning to return the phone.

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