Many Youtube VEVO Accounts Hacked/Compromised!

Yes, you read it right, a lot of VEVO Youtube channels have been compromised.

No new videos have been added to these account nor any videos have been deleted. But the thumbnails and video names have been changed.

So many major videos including Despacito, Turn Down for What by DJSnake, Selena Gomez & Marshmello – the wolves, and many other videos.

Even some videos from Vevo official account has been compromised.

You can view all the videos that have been affected by visiting this Youtube search.


Take a look at the screenshots we took just now.


The video titles have been changed to “hacked by Prosox, KurioS’H” and various names like that.

And the video thumbnails have been changed to this:

We’re not sure what exactly is this. But I assume that this has something to do with VEVO and not with YouTube, as the videos are staying intact (only the video title & thumbnails are changes). The descriptions of the videos and all are unchanged.

UPDATE: Despacito video has been removed now!

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