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Download WhatsApp Latest Version – WhatsApp Beta APK for Android

[UPDATED: April 3, 2020] WhatsApp for Android has been one of the most popular texting app, since forever. WhatsApp regularly releases updates on Android & iPhone, but in Android you can side-load the app using the setup file (WhatsApp APK file). Sometimes newest WhatsApp features is released on WhatsApp’s official site, you’ve to download the APK file and install the update. You can download the WhatsApp latest version from below given link in this post.

You might be wondering why should someone download WhatsApp from places other than Google Play Store. Sometimes latest WhatsApp version might not be released on Play Store first, as they release the latest version of WhatsApp in their official site and for people who have signed up for WhatsApp beta program in Play Store. Thats because the app released in WhatsApp official site is like a beta version (but just as polished), it includes all the new features and small changes.

How to install WhatsApp latest version on your phone?

First you’ve to download latest version of WhatsApp from the link given below.

If you’ve installed apps that are not from Play Store before, skip this part. If you haven’t, read on.

  1. First of all, open settings in your Android phone and navigate to “Security” menu. (You might find it labeled as “Security & Fingerprint”, if your phone has fingerprint sensor).
  2. Scroll down and you’ll find the option to turn on & off “Unknown sources”, it will be turned off by default, turn it on. You’ll be met with a warning pop up, click OK.
  3. Now come back to the browser and find the WhatsApp latest version APK that you’ve just downloaded.
  4. Open it, just click on the file name. It might ask for how to open the file, just click on package installer, if asked.
  5. In the next screen, you’ll see a confirmation to install the APK, click on “install”. Now the WhatsApp latest version will be installed, upon completion, you’ll see a “Launch” button. Click on it and WhatsApp will open, what you’ve just installed.

WhatsApp Latest Version

download whatsapp latest version

App Name WhatsApp Messenger
File Name whatsapp.apk
Version 2.20.109
Release Date April 1, 2020
File Size 36 MB
 NOTE: You will be downloading this apk from the official WhatsApp website. Gadgetraid does not store or distribute WhatsApp APKs. 

WhatsApp Latest Version – Beta

If you did not get dark mode on your WhatsApp, you can try and install the latest beta version apk for Android.

App Name WhatsApp Messenger Beta
File Name whatsapp beta.apk
Version 2.20.91 beta
Release Date November 23, 2016
File Size 35.8 MB
 You will be downloading this apk from the trusted APK Mirror website. Gadgetraid does not store or distribute WhatsApp APKs. 

New Features of this latest version of WhatsApp

  • Dark Mode
  • Video calling enabled for all users.
  • Mark chats as Read/Unread (including groups).
  • Forward icon for images & videos.
  • Inbuilt video player.

Side note : Check this post if you want to spy anyone on WhatsApp.


  1. Question : Will my WhatsApp chats and media be deleted if I install this apk?
    No it won’t. As this is just an update, everything will stay intact as you’d expect from a Play Store update of the same.
  2. Question : Would it require me to sign in to WhatsApp again?
    No. As stated earlier, it’s just an update which gets installed on top the existing data.
  3. Question : Will I get Play Store update if I install this?
    Yes you’ll. As this is from the WhatsApp official site, it’ll work as if you updated the app from Play Store.
  4. Question : Is this version of WhatsApp which has video calling enabled?
    Yes this is the latest version of WhatsApp with video calling features enabled.


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