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Download Volcano Box V3.1.0 Latest Setup File

Do you often play “geek” with your Chinese smartphones? Do you frequently flash it for customizing it at your wish? If so, you need the volcano box inferno software on your PC for doing the same without bricking the device.

Are you searching for the latest version of Volcano box? If yes, you have reached the right spot. In here, we will be sharing the download link of the latest version of Volcano box which was released earlier this year.

Do you want to know what it is and how it works?

Download Volcano Box V3.1.0 Latest Setup File

What is Volcano Box?

It is basically a software which runs on windows platform. It is basically used for flashing and unlocking Chinese smartphone devices. Volcano box has got multiple features which we will be discussing later in this article.

Volcano box comes with tons of fixes for different smartphone errors. You name it, they have it. It can fix any software related issue on your Android devices with ease. For using this app, you might need a bit of expertise on how to handle it.volcano box setup file


Let’s now check out the features of Volcano box.

Features of Volcano Box

Here are some of the unique features of this tool which makes them stand out from the rest.

  • Whenever you are stuck at the “enter the pin code” stage while flashing your Chinese smartphone you may seek the help of volcano box. It tries different combinations and will come up with the correct code. It may take some time as it requires a good amount of computation.
  • Forgot the maze code or login code? Volcano box can unblock it within seconds.
  • Even the IMEI number of a device can be changed with the help of volcano box. This clearly shows the extent up to which the software can go.
  • It helps you to download the software as well as the hardware info of the device on to your PC. You can even print it out later.
  • It is known for its user-friendly interface. A person with minimal knowledge about the software can use it without any issues. However, it is important to know how to use the software for avoiding unnecessary errors.
  • It also works with all MTK devices, It is also known to increase the MTK NAND engine of your device.
  • It solves important bugs and errors on your device.
  • Rooting of your device can be done with a single tap.
  • Volcano box is compatible with all the latest Windows operating systems.

These are some of the unique features of Volcano box which makes it different from other similar software available in the market.

What Can You Do With The Latest Volcano Box?

Above mentioned features are some of the features which made the software distinct from the others. Here is a brief overview on what you can do with it. The volcano box inferno tool allows you to do many cool kinds of stuff. In here, I will be mentioning some of those cool things.

Don’t Know Whats under the hood of your device?

Are you unsure of whats under the hood of your device? Or have you just bought a used device without knowing any of its specifications? Then, Volcano box can help you in finding the proper specifications of the device ( both software as well as hardware specs). So, confused? You just have to select auto to detect CPU from detect type. Then, press the power button and hold it. There is a manual detect option available as well. Following this process will detect your phone.

How to Change IMEI of Device with Volcano Box?

Do you know, you can even change the IMEI no of your handset with the help of volcano box. Surprised huh! IMEI number is pretty much important, at first look, it may don’t seem to have any importance in your life but once your device gets stolen, You will realize how important it is. Once you flash a device, IMEI details of the phone get wiped out. It is always good to have a device with an IMEI number. With Volcano box, you can enter a new IMEI number for your device. Well, it is illegal to delete or change IMEI number of a mobile device.

So, it is totally your responsibility. Do think for a while whether you need to change the IMEI no or not.

Unlock Your Device With Volcano Box

Are you the one who forgets maze pattern or unlock code frequently? If so, Volcano box inferno can help with unlocking the device without resetting your smartphone.

So do you want to get hold of this awesome software? If so, you can download the volcano box tool from the below-given download link.

Download and Install Volcano Box Inferno Latest Setup Installer

Follow the steps mentioned below for downloading and installing Volcano box inferno on your system without any glitches.

  • Download the tool from the link given below.
  • The file which you are downloading from the link will be in rar or zip format. It is a must to have either 7zip or WinRAR installed on your system.
  • Please place the tool where it is easily accessible for you.

Download Volcano Box here:


Conclusion: Download Volcano Box V3.1.0 Latest Setup File 

So, everything should eventually come to an end, so does our post. If you are finding any difficulty in installing or using Volcano box setup, please do let us know about it. Subscribe to us for getting latest updates on tech news around the globe.

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