Vivaldi Browser : Everything You Know About Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a new browser for Windows, Mac & Linux, that is founded by co-founder and former CEO of Opera,  Jon von Tetzchner. Vivaldi hopes to bring back the old features of Opera that made it the choice of power users. Today, Vivaldi has launched their official technical preview that shows us a glimpse of what they’ll offer with Vivaldi.

Mission of Vivaldi

Mission of Vivaldi is to provide a powerful browser to meet the needs of a geek or nerd! That’s why they call it a browser for their friends, I’m pretty sure I’m one of it.

Have you used Opera browser? Not the new version, the old version like Opera 12 and below? If you have, you’ll know how powerful that browser was and how much useful many of the features that provided. But as time went, Opera browser adopted the Chromium engine and made that browser too simple and easy, removing many features from it. I still remember the quirky mouse gestures that I used in the old Opera browser. And also the window previews on tabs feature that was later adopted to Windows 7. But all that is gone, Opera now took a different direction from the past and it is not that fun to use as it used to be.

Co founder Tetzchner pointed out that there are still 20 million people using Opera 12, which was released 3 years ago. So there’s still a need for a powerful browser for the tech power user,who wants more from his browser. More over, Vivaldi started its operations when Opera’s own community, My Opera was closed, picking up the left over of the community.

User experience and Features

Vivaldi offers similar UI to that of Opera, even though modern elements are present in it. Vivaldi brings back the old Opera goodies back to users.

Speed Dial

The speed dial that you loved on Opera is also present in Vivaldi. The speed dial has a modern look is given to the speed dial. The speed dials can be changed as you did on Opera, there are also options to arrange the speed dial icons in folders too. Check out the screenshots.


vivaldi speed dial

Side Panel

Similar to what Opera offered on its old versions, Vivaldi has a side panel which lets you access Bookmarks, Contacts, Mail and Notes. I remember Opera having so many different options on the side bar and I liked it, and sometimes missing that on Chrome.

vivaldi side panel


A super organized and advanced bookmark manager, which saves bookmarks according to their niches. So many relevant bookmarks were already present in the bookmark folders, as you can see below.

vivaldi screenshot (2)


Vivaldi is targeting similar mail client that came with Opera before. This option is disabled and it not yet available in the preview version.

vivaldi screenshot (1)


A simple Note taking app is also included with Vivaldi, having great functions such as organizing notes in folders and saving URLs. You can directly save the websites to notes too!

vivaldi screenshot (3)

Grouped tabs

You can group the tabs behind each other by dragging one over the other. One feature that was present in Opera and previous versions of Firefox too.

vivaldi grouped tabs

Bottom bar

There is a small bottom bar on Vivaldi that too reminds me of old opera days. This bar the options to adjust page zoom and some awesome page actions.

vivaldi bottom bar

Navigation Bar colors

This one is inspired by iOS’s and Android’s status bar colors feature. The navigation bar changes it’s colors with the color scheme of the website you’re visiting, neatly executed. It looks so good, that you’ll wonder why no body ever thought of this on a web browser!

vivaldi changing color navigation bar

Page Actions

Page actions are something you should experience, I may not be able to explain it correctly. It has different page actions based on custom javascript. This gives a small glimpse of what Vivaldi is aiming at future – custom-developed java script actions.


Having said all this, Vivaldi runs on Chromium (Blink) engine to run, with the integration of various modern web technologies such as React, Node.js, etc. From my experience using it for some hours, I must say this browser is fast and looks so promising. I’m wishing the team of Vivaldi all the best on their new venture, and I’m waiting for the full version to be released. You can download the technical preview from Vivaldi’s website.
Have you tried it? Let me know your opinion on Vivaldi browser!


    1. I think it is, because this browser is based on the Chromium engine, which is the same open source browser engine used by Chrome and Opera. Vivaldi is built on top of that, but with some added features. But hey, it’s still in the development stages, but it still looks good and is a very good alternative to Chrome.

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