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Unknown Apps for Android You’ve Never Heard Of!

The Google Playstore is now home to more than 1.5 million apps. Among the herd, very few stand out. Let us take a look at some of the lesser known android apps that are as good, perhaps even better than any other app you’ve ever known. These are the best unknown apps for android you’ve never heard of, take a look:

Unknown Apps for Android You’ve Never Heard Of!

Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app which gives you free Playstore credits for taking surveys. You have to sign up using your Google account and then take surveys which occur occasionally. The data from these surveys are then used by Google to create better products and research purposes. You won’t become a millionaire, but it’ll surely help you with your day to day Playstore purchases.
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autorapAutorap is an engineering genius. Autorap turns your speech into rap. All you have to do is hit the record button and the beat will start playing. Sing along ( just anything) with the beat and it’ll be turned into an awesome rap. Autorap comes with more than 100 beats, but only two of them are free. What’s more, you can even have rap battles with other Autorap users.This app is useful especially during exams. If you know what I mean!

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uncloudedUnclouded is a neat cloud management app that allows users to quickly view details of multiple cloud storage accounts. Unclouded neatly sorts all the files and shows you how much space is consumed by each account. Also, it segregates various types of files, so that you don’t have trouble searching around. As of now Unclouded supports DropBox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft’s OneDrive. An addition of Mega would be great as it provides 50GB of free cloud storage. Even though the basic app is free, the premium upgrades adds a whole new dimension to the app with PIN protection, backups etc.

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flynxFlynx is a smart android browser similar to Linkbubble. Flynx loads any link you click on your phone in the background with a floating bubble indicator. Even though small in size, flynx doesn’t lack any feature of the modern day browser.Some of them are- smart ad-blocker, double-tap to read offline and link sharing. Thanks to Flynx, multitasking will never be a problem.
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disaSwitching between multiple chat apps is a pain in the ass. Did you ever wish that everyone were on the same network or there was an app that could show all your messages in one place? The former will forever remain a dream, while the latter is possible. Disa is an app that clubs all your instant messaging services. With over a million downloads, the app is currently flaunting the market.
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flipdAre you not able to concentrate while studying due to your smartphone? Then Flipd is the answer for you. Flipd is an app that locks your smartphone for a certain period of time. Once you flip your phone, you can’t unlock it till the time gets over. To further add to the features, Flipd comes with an autoresponder, that quickly sends a reply to anyone who texted you or called you while you were sweating for your exams.
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Rando 4Me

rando 4mePenpals are now a thing of the past. Rando is an app using which you can send random pictures to strangers around the world. You can set a timer for the time it needs to be on the server, which makes it somewhat similar to Whatsapp. Although, the purpose of the app is to let you meet friends around the world, make sure that you don’t jump off the hook and share any personal photos.
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MonectDid you forget to take your mouse with you? Worry no more as Monect is here. Monect turns your smartphone into a mouse or gamepad. Once you have installed the Monect app you will have to connect it to the laptop using the PC client of the app. That’s all it takes, now your smartphone is your mouse.
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photomathEver had difficulty in solving a complex algebric equation? Photomath is your personal mathematics helper. You can find the answer of any complex mathematical maths problem with Photomath. All you have to do is scan your handwritten equation or question and the app will return with the answer within moments. You won’t believe unless you try. 🙂
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WakieLast but not the least- Wakie is a social alarm clock. If you are of the type who is always late for work, then join Wakie. Wakie is a social community, where people wake each other up. All you have to do is set an alarm through the app and go to sleep, you’ll be woken up by a stranger in the morning. All the calls are made from within the app,hence free of cost. Currently the app is limited to certain countries, but the developers are planning to expand globally.
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That’s it guys, that was some of the apps you didn’t knew of! Which app turned out to be the best for you? Let me know about it in the comments section with a screenshot. Do not forget to share the post among your friends on your social profiles.

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