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How To Fix “Unfortunately Google Play Service Has Stopped” Error

The backbone of all the smartphones having Android OS (Google’s Android, to be more precise 😉 ) is Google Play Service which has a huge collection of applications. One can depend on this for all types of apps, and this is something that cannot be replaced in the lives of Android Smartphone users. But the major drawback is when we continuously receive a pop-up message saying, “Unfortunately Google Play Service Has Stopped”. This causes a problem in the work when we are in urgent need of some mobile application. And, we have seen many people complaining about the repetition of this problem on their device. It is high time to fix this issue and let the users work in an easy manner. In this context, given below are some useful tips that will guide you about the fixation of this error in your device.

How To Fix Unfortunately Google Play Service Has Stopped

Solution 1: Update your Play Services

One of the major reasons behind repetition of this pop-up message on your device may be the outdated version of your Google Play Services. So, the simplest thing you can do to fix this problem is to update your Google Play Services app. Sometimes outdated software does not run properly on your device and shows error over and over again. So most probably by doing this, you can fix the problem.

You can update it by opening the Play Store on your phone and search for “Play services”, if you see the option to update the app, click on that, the app will be updated.

Solution 2: Force Stop & Clear Cache (1)

As already mentioned that Google Play Service is the backbone of your device and hence, it is the framework of all the Google and Google Play apps installed in your device. With time, it may collect caches in your device that will create a problem in using it properly. If your Google Play Services app is already updated and the problem is not solved, you can try clearing your cache. In most of the cases, this has helped in solving the problem. Read the steps given below to clear the cache for your Google Play Services.

  1. Go to settings and click on “Apps” section.
  2. Scroll down through all the apps and click “Google Play Services”.
  3. After opening the app details, click on the “Force Stop” option.
  4. Then you must tap on the option that says “Clear Cache”.

Solution 3: Force Stop & Clear Cache (2)

The Google Services Framework system app on your Android device is the one that stores all the important information and helps your phone to sync with Google and keep all your apps running up to date. With continuous use, even Google Services Framework app collects a lot of caches and it needs to be cleared. This may be one of the reasons for repetition of the pop-up message saying, “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped”. Because of caches, you may not be able to connect to Google servers properly, and this will cause the problem again and again. Given below are steps to clear cache from your Google Services Framework app.

  1. Go to setting and click on “Apps” option.
  2. Select the option “All Apps”, and scroll down through all the options until you find “Google Services Framework.
  3. Click on this option and then select the button “Force Stop.
  4. Then you must tap on the option “Clear Cache” and fix this bug.

Solution 4: Fix Wi-Fi issues

One of the major reasons behind the repeated appearance of this pop-up box may be your Wi-Fi connection. There are chances that your Wi-Fi may be blocking a particular IP address which is used by Google for syncing up with your device. Hence, if the above-mentioned solutions have not solved your problem, then you must try fixing up your Wi-Fi connection. You can switch off the Wi-Fi and then switch it on. Then you must go to Google Play Services and check if the problem is solved. You must try the same thing with mobile data and check if the problem is solved.

Solution 5: Just Reboot

This may seem like a usual advice and will sound least important, but one must always try this. Just like switching the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection on and off can solve the problem. You should try doing the same with your device. Yes! Rebooting your device can also fix this bug. This may sound simple, but sometimes there may be some repetitive blockage system that will cause problems. Switching off your device and then switching it on will fix this bug.

Solution 6: Try Custom Roms

Last but not the least, this is must try the solution that will fix the repetition of pop-up message. You just have to install a custom ROM that is stable and has no bugs included in it. There are several custom ROMs available in the digital marketplace which you can easily install on your device. (Related: Best Custom ROMs for Android)

You can get these ROMs for any Android 5.0 or Android 5.1 Lollipop custom firmware. Installing this ROM which is free from bugs will let you finish all your work in a smooth manner.

Solution 7: Sign out & sign in to your Google account

If the problem is still not fixed, then you can try this one solution that has worked in most of the cases. All you have to do is, remove your Google account from your device. Now you need re-enter all the details and once again add this account. Given below are steps to follow for doing this process.

  1. Go to settings and select the option that says “Google Accounts.
  2. Now you must click the options panel located at the top right corner.
  3. Click the option that says “Remove account.
  4. Now, using the same method, click the option “Add Account” and enter all the details.

After this, you can check your Google Play Services app and make sure if the problem is fixed.

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Therefore, in the light of facts above, we can say that no technical problem is too big. You can easily look for solutions and solve it in no time. We believe we helped you with exactly that with the Unfortunately Google Play Service Has Stopped error. Do comment down if you still face any issues after trying these solutions, we’ll try to find a working solution for you.

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