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Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Android 2015

When we buy a device we look buy it by having a look at the specs, the pros, the cons. It’s really fun at the start but after sometime we start feeling that we are not using it to full potential. We easily get bored by the stock rom interface provided by the manufacturer and to get over this boredom, we use custom roms! Most people who buys a phone doesn’t even know what a custom rom is, but if you’re reading this, you’re not like them, you’re like me and the team at! And I’m pretty sure you’re reading this beacuse you’re in a confusion that is, which rom should I flash next! 😀 Believe me, we we’re all in that position once and that’s a hard pick always.

So we’re here to pick some of our favorite custom roms available for Android that we have enjoyed flashing and using. Read on for the list of best custom roms for Android!

Top 5 Custom ROMs for Android

1. Cyanogenmod

cyanogenmod best custom rom

First place really belongs to the cyanogenmod and the reason is the amazing interface, lots of customization and support by developers. The rom supports so many themes that you will never get bored with it. Such is its fan base that now this rom is coming pre-installed in phones like Yu Yureka plus.

Cyanogenmod comes with a legacy, that it is the ROM that started it all, Cyanogenmod started as a hobby of Steve Kondik from the early stages of Android, that has gained supporters and fans internationally over the years. What more to say, they have even announced that Cyanogenmod has more users than Windows Phone and Blackberry OS is combined! Cyanogenmod still stays on top of the game and it is the best custom rom for Android that you can never go wrong flashing!

2. Paranoid Android – AOSPA

paranoid android

Paranoid Android or AOSPA has been a great ROM since it’s inception. It has came to lime light because of the awesome about of features it comes with. And many features that we now see common in custom ROMs such as Halo, Peek, etc were pioneered by AOSPA devs. Paranoid Android is a very good choice for ROM to flash next and it is one of the best custom ROMs available for your Android today.



aokp best custom rom

AOKP, stands for Android Open Kang Project, Kang means customizing and AOKP is just about that. If you’re new to AOKP, you’ll be overwhelmed with the features available on the ROM. Everything in the ROM revolves around magical unicorn, you’ll get to know what it is when you flash AOKP, if you haven’t used it yet! It is one of the best custom rom that you have to flash on your Android phone!

4. SlimROMs

top custom rom slimrom

If you have rooted your device just to remove bloatwares and get a more stable and lag free experience then This is one of the most stripped-down versions of Android you could ever find. With SlimROMs, you can select exactly which Google Play services you want to run on your device. It offers more stability and little customization like it lets you change settings like the DPI of fonts and icons, which means you can make everything as tiny as you want it. If you’re in favor of small icons, minimal text, and an overall reduced interface, then SlimROMs is one of the best custom rom for your Android.

5. PAC Rom

pac rom top custom rom 2015

Last but not the least is the PAC rom. PACman ROM is an all-in-one custom ROM because it packs the features of the best custom ROMs and the name of the rom comes from the starting letters of the top 3 roms listed above – Paranoid Android, AOKP & Cyanogenmod. PAC ROM mixes the three of them and brings you the best out of them! You get a Cyanogen account, unicorns, pie controls, halo and every other features you want with this ROM. One of the best perks that you can get with the Pacman ROM is that with little effort you get all features, without sacrificing much on the stability front! It is the best custom rom for Android if you don’t wanna miss out all the crazy features and function you can get with a custom rom!

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So that’s it guys, that was the list of best custom roms for Android, which we liked! What do you think about this? Did we miss any rom? Which one is your favorite? Do let us know by commenting below!

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