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The Best Slow Motion Video Capture Apps For Android

You have seen slow-motion videos in movies and TV shows, they are taken with sophisticated cameras and software, and these videos look so awesome. In case you’re wondering how to capture slow-mo videos like that on your Android phone, there are plenty of applications that can help you with it. Some devices even have default option in its camera app to do it. Here, I’m sharing the list of top apps for Android to capture slow-motion videos.

Best Slow Motion Video Recording Apps

Coach’s Eye

This might be the best and fluent app you can find for Slow-motion videos. Also, it is the most rated app on the Play store, most of the others don’t have a good rating as this one. This app will capture slow-mo videos and has the option to review the captured videos and has drawing tools. It even has fly wheel style control for controlling the video speed. It can also import already recorded videos from your gallery or from Dropbox, and make changes to it, such as slowing it down. It is the most expensive app on this list, coming at $3.99.

→ Buy & Download Coach’s Eye from Play Store

ReAction Slow Motion PRO

This is a great app for recording slow-motion videos from your smartphone camera. The app is very good at taking slow-motion videos, and it does that by not deterring the video quality of the video. The video does not have much blurriness or other quality issues.

There is the ‘Speed Bump’ option in the app which can be used to make the video run at a specific speed for a specific time and then run it again at slow speed. It even has the option to directly post to social networks such as Instagram & Vine, also video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo & Daily Motion.


→ Download ReAction Slow Motion PRO from Play Store

Slow Motion Video

This app can record videos at your phone’s highest possible resolution, be it 8 MP or 13 MP. You can choose the frame rate for the video after recording and watch it. One con of this app is that it has a good number of ads with it, I’ll suggest you turn off the data connection or WiFi before starting the app, which will make the app not show the ads and you can enjoy an ad-free experience.

→ Download Slow Motion Video from Play Store

Controlled Capture

Controlled Capture can not only capture videos in slow motion but also capture time-lapse videos. Similar to all other apps, Controlled Capture lets you capture the video as usual and then edit it to make the video in slow motion. This app has the added advantage that it even supports time-lapse videos, which adds more value to the app. There are two versions of this app, one is the basic version that is ad supported and the Pro version which comes with more features and no ads.

→ Download Controlled Capture Lite from Play store

→ Download Controlled Capture Pro from Play store

App for viewing videos in Slow Motion

KM Player

Yes, you heard it right, KM Player, the well-known PC video player’s Android version also has the option to play the videos in Slow motion. On viewing the video you can adjust the speed of the video. There are dedicated buttons to make that video play at a speed that you desire. This is the most fluid app you can find in Play Store to play videos in slow motion, also don’t forget the app’s credibility in being the most widely used media application on PC.

→ Download KMPlayer from Play Store

Final Words

So that’s it guys, the list of best apps I could find for capturing and playing slow-motion videos in Android. Download these apps and enjoy shooting and viewing slow-mo videos on your Android device.

I hope you found this useful if you did please share this post. Having any doubts? Share them with me by commenting below. And check out my other posts, you could start from here: How to send stickers in WhatsApp? or something interesting like Top 3 small sized launchers for Android.


  1. I think this is a good selection of apps, I haven´t try any of those but I will, just a question, does this apps record videos with a higher fps speed (e.g. 120 fps or more) or do they only slow the playback pace of the video? thank you!

  2. Hey, do any of these apps do the iPhone thing of selecting a portion of the video to make slow mo, whilst leaving the rest at normal speed ?

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