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How To Fix Storage Space Running Out Error on Android

If you are using a smartphone powered by the Android, then you are likely to understand this problem. You may often get to see this message very often which says that “Storage Space Running Out.” When you try to save a particular image or try to download a mobile application, you can come across such type of message that denies from downloading or installing a particular app because of low storage space.

You might have solved this problem on a temporary basis by just deleting some unnecessary pictures or unwanted files from your phone memory. But this is not the end of the problem; you will face the same message after few days or few weeks.

This is not an issue of your system or memory space, but it is a common problem faced by Android users. If you avoid this issue for too long or postpone the bug fixing process, then you will face great difficulty in downloading or installing any particular app.

Even if you try to save a small image or file, this error will prevent it from saving or downloading. Hence, you must fix this error as soon as possible. Given below are some of the solutions to fix this problem from your device.

How To Fix Storage Space Running Out Error on Android

Phones with no SD card

Usually, the devices without SD card are left with only one option, and that is to save all your media files and documents in the limited space provided in your phone. If you take pictures in high resolution, then only a few pictures will occupy a larger space of your phone memory.


Your WhatsApp files, Facebook media, and other documents will also hold much of your memory. The only solution you have is deleting your files regularly from time to time and free up space. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that recording videos and storing music files on your phone have become mandatory in today’s era. You cannot even imagine how much of your phone memory will be taken up by these files.

Even if some free space is left to your surprise, then it will be undoubtedly occupied by cache which gets collected over a period of usage of several apps installed on your device.

For this, you can also keep a backup of your data in the cloud storage app or your computer. This way, you can keep a lot of free space for your video recordings, songs, and selfies. Also, you will have enough room to download several other mobile apps for smooth work.

Phones with external storage or SD card

Even though your device is provided with SD card slot and you can expand your memory up to 64 GB, the problem may still occur. Normally, solving the error of “Storage Space Running Out” is not a big deal when you have a memory card slot in your device. You can easily transfer the files to different location and solve this issue. Given below are some methods for you to fix this bug that creates problems in almost everything.

The easiest method to free some storage space is by transferring the files from phone memory to SD card. By doing this, your phone memory will remain free from getting stuffed and also you will have all the important data stored on your device itself.
In case you forget to transfer the files and keep taking pictures and recording videos through your camera, then you can set the default storage location to SD card. This way your phone memory will not be overloaded, and you can stay tension free from the repetition of pop-up message.

Another way in which you can free a lot of space from your phone memory is by moving all the apps to SD card. Although it will be initially saved in your phone memory, you can, later on, transfer it to your SD card. Also, you must pay a little attention to the cache, and keep clearing it from time to time. This will make sure that your phone memory is free and the speed of your device is also maintained.

Also, if your phone supports moving apps and games from internal memory to external, you must do that more often. You can check the applications option in settings if your phone support that.

Other Methods

After trying all the tips and techniques mentioned above, if you are still troubled because of this bug, you will have to take help from third party apps. Given below are some of the apps along with their features that will assist you in managing the memory of your phone.


diskusage app

This is a small app which occupies just 185 KB of your phone memory. This will provide you with the map of all the files which are located in different places on your phone. You can get the details of all the directories and sub-directories through which you can see that which file is occupying a larger space of the memory of your phone.

You can tap on any list and zoom it know about the files and folders stored in it. If they are unnecessary or you can do without it, then deleting would be the best option. Just tap on the file, go to menu, and press the delete button.

SD Maid

sd maid app

This is an excellent app which mainly works as a system cleaning tool. Most of the time when you delete a particular file, document, or app, you will see that a lot of data is left behind by them which are of no use. This app will find all the logs, crash reports, and debug files from your device and will tell you the details about it. You can scan your device using this app, find all the ghost files, and delete it for once and for all.


Therefore, in short, we can conclude that it is necessary to keep checking your phone memory from time to time and free the space through different means whenever required, because it’s necessary to save yourselves from the Storage space running out error from happening again and gain. In this way, you can maintain the speed, and high performance of your device and you will also have space to store desired data.

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  1. Cool tips Abhijith,
    Generally, I fix the low storage problem manually by uninstalling unnecessary apps and deleting old photos, videos or documents. I also clean junk files to get some free space.
    Anyway, thanks for the awesome post.

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