how to root any android phone without a pc
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How to Root any Android Phone Without Computer or PC

Android is all about open source and freedom. To enjoy that, you must root your Android phone. In this guide, I’ll explain and guide you through the process of rooting your Android device the simple way. In this post, I’ll show you how to root any Android phone without a computer/PC!

Rooting an Android phone, with modifications to the Android OS, and among other things are considered a very high-level hacking method by some people and some are also frightened by the word root (yeah, some people!). Well, Rooting is not that high level, it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

How to root any android phone without a computer?

#1 Using TowelRoot

Step 1

Make sure your device is having battery remaining more than 50%. Yeah, just to make sure you don’t get stuck while doing the process.

Step 2

Go to and download the apk. To download it, just touch the ‘Lambda – λ’ on the website.

towelroot website screenshot

Step 3

After the download is finished, open the apk file either by touching on the ‘Download Complete’ notification or by navigating to the download folder and opening the file. Install the apk.


If you’re sideloading an apk for the first time, follow these instructions. Btw, sideloading means installing an application in your Android device by installing apk of the application.

  1. Go to the Settings on your Android device.
  2. Select Security, and check the Unknown Sources. A pop up will be shown saying that “Your phone and personal data are…blah blah blah”, just click OK for that to install apk to root any android phone without pc
  3. Open the apk file, press Install when prompted.

Step 4

After installing, run the application. There is only one option available on this application. That is the ‘Make it Ra1n’. Click on the button. And you’re done. Now your phone will be rooted and will be provided with superuser access.

towelroot app screenshot

Step 5

Now, go to play store and download a root checker app, which basically checks if your device has proper root access. Use root checker basic, which gets the job done easily. Download Root Checker from here.

root checker basic

To verify the Root, Open the Root Checker Basic and press the “Verify Root” button on the app. It will return a message in green saying that “This device has Root Access” if it found proper root access. If no proper root access is found, the message will be in red stating otherwise.

Step 6

But wait. You are not done yet. There is some job remaining. You have to download a superuser management application from the Play store. If you don’t know what is that, it is simply an application that manages which apps should be granted superuser permissions. After all, you Don’t want any malware and adware to have superuser access. I suggest you should go with SuperSU by chainfire. It is the best and most downloaded superuser management application.



If this did not work with your device, you can try Towelroot Modstrings, which is a small script which makes Towelroot default settings to work with any device. The procedure is given below :

  1. Tap on ‘Welcome to towelroot v3’ three times.
  2. You’ll see an input box now, here, type in the following:
    1337 method(0-3), align(0-1), limit_offset(0-8191), hit_iov(0-7), temp_root(0-1)

Here’s a video of Towelroot in action, take a look :

If this didn’t work, we have made this post even better with more methods to root android without computer/pc. Read on!

#2 Using FramaRoot

FramaRoot is an app that can root your Android phone with a single click and works mainly on MediaTek based devices. It works flawlessly for most of the devices, but you can also try it on other devices based on SoC other than MediaTek. Personally, I used this app to root phones such as Gionee Pioneer P2 and some Micromax devices. It worked perfectly and root was obtained in a click.

Steps to use Framaroot :

root android without computer framaroot

  1. Download and install the Framaroot APK from this link.
  2. In the app, there will be a drop-down menu in which there are three different options, which are :
    • Install Superuser
    • Install SuperSU
    • Unroot
  3. Select Superuser or SuperSU as per your choice. If you don’t have any clue on that, Superuser and SuperSU are two both root management apps that manage which apps should be given root access. You can select any of them, although I prefer SuperSU.
  4. Next is to select the exploit which is to be used to root the phone. You can select and try with any of the option available, as it differs from phone to phone.

#3 Using KingRoot

KingRoot is another famous app that promises to root with a single click! KingRoot has two versions, both Android app and a PC version. The Kingroot Android app can root most of the Android phones if supported by it. But in case if your phone isn’t supported by it, you can try to root with the Kingroot PC version.

Steps to root with Kingroot :

how to root android without pc

  1. Download and install the Kingroot Android app in your phone/tablet. Open the KingRoot app.
  2. In the app, you’ll see that Kingroot is analyzing your device.
  3. After the analyzing, you’ll see a button saying “Start Root“, click on that.
  4. Kingroot will now try to root your device, wait a few minutes. If the process was successful, you’ll see a big green tick mark. If not, you might have to use Kingroot PC software to root your android.

#4 Using Universal Androot

The next app you can try is called Universal Androot.

This app might not work with newer Android versions as this is an old app. Still, you can try this if the above-given apps didn’t work for you.

Steps to root with Universal Androot:

  1. Download and install Universal Androot from the download links given below.
  2. Open the Universal Androot app.
  3. Select the required Superuser for your Android version.
  4. Click on the “Root” button.
  5. If all goes well, your phone will be rooted in that step.
  6. Now, reboot your device and confirm if the device is having a permanent root or not.

Note: These One-click root apps might not work out of the box on Motorola phones such as Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, etc. Motorola phones should be bootloader unlocked first to be rooted.

So that’s it, guys. That was the various methods by which you can root an android phone or tablet without a pc or computer. Please let us know if this worked for your device by commenting below. If it didn’t, we’ll try hard to find a way to root your device! We’re waiting for your reply!

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  1. i have tried so meany ways but not able to root my moto g2 (unlocked bootloader)
    please suggest how to root without PC.

  2. Sir, I have Motorola droid ultra max xt1080 Android v4.4.4 I installed towelroot but it said, “The phone isn’t currently supported. ”
    I tried king root also but after 70% it said strategy failed.
    Please help me in this regard!

  3. If anyone can find a root for the ZTE 817 4.4.4 it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried everything suggested on every forum/website, with and without a computer, and NOTHING WORKS!!!! Someone please have an epiphany and help!!! Thanks.

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