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How To Remove Write Protection From SD Card & Pendrive

Often, when you are trying to use an SD card, you get an error message which says that the disk is write protected and hence you cannot perform the basic functions such as copying, deleting, etc. hence, here are three simple ways by which you can remove write protection from SD card or Pendrive.

How To Remove Write Protection From SD Card & Pendrive

To start with, here are the three ways for removing write protection on an SD card.

By unlocking the SD card

The first and foremost thing to consider while removing write protection is to make sure your SD card isn’t locked. Here is how:

  • Keep the SD card on your palm or any given flat surface. Make sure the label faces on the upside.
  • On the upper left side, you will find a lock switch on the SD card. It is generally a tiny silver or white tab and your are to just slide is from the left.
  • For those using a micro or mini SD card, you will have to insert the SD card into an adapter and unlock the tab on the same. For micro and mini SD cards, there are no switches on the SD cards itself.
  • Once you are done with the sliding the lock up part, your write protection is now gone.

This one only applies to SD Card, to remove write protection from pen drive follow the steps given below (2 methods).

Formatting with Windows

Another plausible option if the former fails to work up. Here are the steps you need to follow for the same:

  • With the help of the adapter, insert the SD into your windows computer.
  • On the Start windows, right click on the computer option.
  • You need to now choose the option which says “Manage” from the list given to you. Having done that, a manager window is displayed.
  • Now go the “Disk Management” option right below storage option on the left pane of computer management. The devices in use are displayed in the middle pane as of now.
  • Now, with a right click on the storage device you want to format, select “Format.”
  • With a click on “OK”, your SD card is now formatted as well as the write protection removed from your disk.

Formatting with Mac OS X

  • Insert the SD card into your computer with the help of an adapter or reader.
  • Go to the applications on your MAC.
  • Scroll down to the end and look up for “Utilities.”
  • From here, select disk utilities.
  • Located the name of your SD card in the list on the left pane.
  • You will now find a tab in the name of “Erase” on the top of the utility window.
  • Go to MS-DOS file system or exFAT next to the “Volume Format” from the dropdown menu.
  • Go to the “erase” button and you have successfully formatted the contents present on your SD card.

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So these were the three possible methods by which you can remove write protection from your SD card or Pendrive. Hope this helped; you can thank us later!

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