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Will Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) be Released in India?

Will Redmi Note 2 & Note 2 Prime be Released in India? This is a question that I saw no one else asking in the webosphere after today’s release of the Redmi Note 2. Many have been speculating about the price of the device. But I have to ask Xiaomi officials that will this device be released in India? Why this question is being raised by me? Read on.

Xiaomi has gone under a lot of scrutinies at the end of last year with the licensing and copyright violation issues it had then. Their sales were completely banned in India for a short period of time. In case you forgot, Ericsson filed a copyright infringement on Xiaomi on Standard Essential Patents (SEP), that Xiaomi violated its 8 patents to AMR, EDGE and 3G. As a result of that, the company was banned from importing, selling and marketing its products in India.

As a user of Xiaomi, I was also worried at that time about the future of the company, also about its service and after sale support. But fortunately, the ban on Xiaomi was partially lifted with one condition. Which is, Xiaomi cannot sell devices with MediaTek SoC in India, but they can continue with other devices. Following that order, Xiaomi resumed the sales of all other devices other than Redmi Note. Redmi Note used MediaTek MT6592 SoC, and it was discontinued in India. Xiaomi had to send back 100K Redmi Note devices.

Now this is the point where all those things become a bit confusing, Will the new Redmi Note 2 be launched in India. The ban still holds for Xiaomi on MediaTek devices. And the Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) is using MediaTek Helio X10 SoC on both models. So, that means Xiaomi can’t sell Redmi Note 2 in India right?

I’m pretty sure it is the scenario, Xiaomi will not launch Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) in India, atleast with the model announced now (with Helio X10 SoC). But there’s still hope, Xiaomi can launch the device with a Qualcomm SoC, possible the Snapdragon 615 currently in its own Mi 4i. But if they choose to do that, it will be a bad choice right now. Because they already have a device with the same SoC on the market at the same price point. More over, the Snapdragon 615 doesn’t hold up to MediaTek Helio X10 in terms on raw power. Helio X10 is a flagship level SoC which is fighting the Snapdragon 810, literally! (look at HTC One M9+). So that would surely be a dissappointment for Indian Mi fans.


The other option is to make their stand clear on the Delhi high court and convince the court to allow them to sell this device. Well, I’m quite surprised why they didn’t think of their upcoming devices when the ban was made on MediaTek devices. They could have pleaded at that time for making the ban for only over the SoC in Redmi Note (MediaTek MT6592). They didn’t do that, that means the ban on still on for MediaTek devices and Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 will not come to India.

I had a talk with one of the MIUI forums official admins, he said that this device is not coming to India and he’s getting one for himself imported from China. That itself kind of confirms that Redmi Note 2 will not be coming to India, with Helio X10 SoC.

What are your thoughts on this? Let’s discuss, comment below!


  1. thanks 4 the article…actually I really wanted to buy redmi note 2 prime but now am somewhat sure its not gonna launch in india with mediatek…
    Now am planning to buy mi5…could u tell me whether it will launch in india or not…also each sites says different specs …most anticipated thing is it will launch with snapdragon 820 processor…most powerful processor qualcomm ever made…is that true? I hope snapdragon 820 doesnt have heating issues as it is made by the 14nm finfet process which is used to make exynos 7420…I don’t trust snapdragon processors as I heard most of the processors suffers from heating problem …but hope they will rectify heating problem in 820 …so am hopefully waiting for mi5 with SD820…do u have any idea regarding its release date in india? also pls tell me its exact specification …

  2. Hello,
    First of all, thank you for the detailed explanation as to why this product was not released in India. This was the first proper explanation I could find on the internet after a very tiresome search. And thank you for replying to all the queries posted in the comments section.
    I am thinking of purchasing this phone from China, but what I am worried about is, will it work with the Indian 3G bandwidth? As in will a phone from China be compatible in India?
    Thank you!

    1. Well, importing from China is a tiresome task and there will be burden on customs duty, added to the price of the phone.
      And by the way, didn’t you hear about a new version of this Redmi Note 2 on the works specifically for India, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro? It will be coming with Snapdragon 808 (as per the leaks). Why don’t you wait for that then! 😀

  3. Which inequality is best xolo 1X black, lenovo k3 note, lenovo A7000 or xiaomi redmi note 2 prime. Please suggest

  4. hey sir i m ready to wait for redmi note 2 prime bt if they launch it with snapdragon thn will it b a nice phone thn too nd do really its battery strains fast nd is it greater thn ny other phones under 10000 🙁

  5. Could I Purchase Xiomi Redmi Note 2 Prime By Importing Chinese model from at (Rs. 209$) they give Free Shipping But What could be the Import Duty and other taxes in India on Importing 209$ Phone (Please help me to know)

  6. Hi Abhijith,

    Few sites Redmi note 2 prime mobile having some issue with battery and Processor is it true……….and

  7. hi Abhijith
    plz tell me yureka plus is better or meizu m2 note …..
    because mi note 2 prime is not launched. ..and I can’t wait more …..that’s why…I ask this question. ..
    please reply me….

    1. You can go with any of the one you said. Also you can try on Coolpad Note 3, if you care only for specs, and not much about brand 🙂

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