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OnePlus One Explodes While Charging : Report

OnePlus One, the previous year’s flagship killer reportedly exploded while charging and caught on fire. Reports come from a OnePlus One user who shared this news on Facebook (Ankur Dugar) last day evening. The incident happened yesterday morning (28/08/2015). Read on for what happened and pictures :

As usual, he kept his phone on charging bed side while going to sleep. He kept it around 2AM and went to sleep. He woke up to the smell of fire around 9AM the next morning, and saw the phone at fire. He threw away the phone from the bed and he explains he was lucky enough to escape the tragedy if he didn’t wake up to the fire in phone.

You can imagine what would have happened if he didn’t wake up at the right time. We’re attaching the photos of the burnt flagship killer below, take a look :

oneplus one fire

oneplus one caught on fire

oneplus one exploded

oneplus one on fire

oneplus one fire

oneplus one burn

oneplus one exploded

oneplus one burnt

As you can see, there’s a very big circular burn in the front and the backside of the phone is fully burnt and the battery is exposed. What this suggest is that the cause of the explosion might be from battery (which is most likely, as we’re seen on previous cases) or failure in the SoC.ย  Both ways, OnePlus have got a lot to explain now.

What’s more amusing and engaging is the reply he got from OnePlus customer care teamย :


Complaint number : 40511

Go to service centre, if your replacement is approved, you’ll get a replacement.

What the heck? :/

He got one more reply from the OnePlus team, which was :

Complaint number : 40739

Nothing can be done more than replacement.

Yeah, that explains a lot about the customer service quality of the company.

Who is to be blamed?

Blame has to be on the user and on the company. First of all, the company customer service proved itself pathetic on being careless on such an incident. And we urge OnePlus to take immediate action on that and compensate the user with appropriate measures. Also they’ll now have to explain why this thing happened.

And coming to user, first of all, we smartphone users shouldn’t over charge the phone, it’s not good for the battery of the phone. More over this kind of incidents can happen. And also, you shouldn’t keep the phone charging beside your head on bed while charging. Think of what might have happened to Ankur if he didn’t woke up.

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  1. I see two aspect of it

    1. There alwaye are lemons. Be it Apple, Samsung or OnePlus. Charging overnight is bad.
    2. Nobody mentioned which ROM he was using. Some kernel might crank up charging mechanism
    3. Was he using original charger?
    4. If above three are invalid, OnePlus should replace the device for the sake of it

    1. There are electronics in the charging system which are not under software control. I really don’t believe the ROM could affect anything.

      Most people charge overnight. It is not bad. Charging right next to your body might be. Overcharging is not possible anymore.

      Faulty chargers can cause problems, but only if they are faulty, not if they are just another brand. They are all standardized.

  2. So if the phone explosion occurred in real than OPO should replace with new handset or cash back. Since 22K is not a small amount.

  3. Any component with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is at risk of this until battery technology becomes perfect, which will never happen. If you look around, you will probably find examples of this happening to every manufacturer.

    Also, overcharging modern cell phone batteries is not possible. They have intelligent charging circuits which stop charging at exactly the right time. They sometimes say to unplug the charger, this is purely to save power, since if everyone did this, the power savings would be significant.

    The last thing we need is people waking themselves up in the middle of the night to unplug chargers, or living in fear of explosions due to chargers being plugged in longer then needed.

    1. I should clarify, OPO should be legally responsible for damages, just as any company would if their product exploded. That’s what liability insurance is for. This is still the same situation as WHEN apples light up, or WHEN Samsungs light up… Or ANY. It can just as easily happen to any of them on a given day. Pointing fingers at any company about this would be senseless though. It’s a risk of the battery technology. Same for all.

  4. I’ve already decided to never buy anything OnePlus again. There simply no support, and that’s not something I’m okay with.

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