OnePlus One banned in India by Delhi HC, after Micromax Plea!

Yes, you heard it right, OnePlus One is banned in India! This is following the plea by Micromax, which now has exclusive rights for using Cyanogen’s software in India. This is followed by the controversy revolving over OnePlus and Cyanogen, which resulted in Cyanogen dropping support for OnePlus One in India. Now, Delhi high court has given a temporary injunction against OnePlus One, as it violates the exclusive rights of Micromax to use the CM software in India.

This injunction comes after Micromax, which is about to release it’s Yu line of devices this 18th, pleaded to Delhi HC, stating OnePlus infringed on the “ambient services and application distributions agreement“, which it signed with Cyanogen. It has to be particularly noted that, OnePlus has software support from Cyanogen for the International version of OnePlus One only, not the Chinese version nor Indian version. (OnePlus uses Oppo’s ColorOS in Chinese version).

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The injunction restrains the manufacturer from marketing, selling and shipping the devices in India. But, the high court has allowed the company to sell the remaining imported stock. So, we can expect a sale of OnePlus One without an invite in India very very soon!

OnePlus admitted earlier that they were on working on an in-house lollipop ROM, with close to the stock experience. They were on the final stages of development and is slated to release on January last or February first.


This news comes after a similar controversy last week about the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi being banned similarly with an injunction, that somehow have solved a bit now. This case is also a similar one involving the Delhi HC’s decision against the Chinese company.

For now, OnePlus and Amazon have to sell it’s remaining stock as soon as possible, and make their own ROM functional, or they might use the Oppo’s Color OS on the Indian model too for the time being. And this makes a big impact on OPO’s brand value and coolness, as Cyanogen played a very important role in making the device ultra-popular!

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    1. Yes, that’s the only option, import it from US or Europe to get a CyanogenMod powered One (Chinese model has Oppo’s Color OS).

  1. “May impact one plus brand and coolness” haha what coolness and what brand, all they have done is fobb people off and make their own brand look like its run by a bunch of cowboys

    1. Well, they have got attention of many of us. And the only thing that is cool other than pricing is the CyanogenMod support. Well, if it didn’t have CM pre-installed, they would not have made it to this far. What say?

  2. Indian judges are moron…they are getting well paid by shi**y micromax….so thats why they banned other good phones

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