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All you need to know about Nokia C1 – Upcoming Nokia Android Phone

Nokia C1, the Nokia Android Phone has been leaked and rumored for some time, and last day, it has been leaked once again revealing much about the phone. Well, you might be wondering what exactly is the deal with Nokia and Android? We’re going to talk about just that in this post.

First question you might be having is that, didn’t Microsoft buy Nokia & made Lumia their own (you already know Microsoft have renamed it’s phone business from Nokia to Microsoft). And how come they release Nokia phones again.

Well, technically Nokia has sold their phone business only, to Microsoft. Nokia still has a lot left in it, which includes Nokia Networks & Nokia Technologies. They were having contracts with Microsoft that Nokia can’t release phones under the “Nokia” brand name till 2016, when they sold the phone business to them. That’s the reason that we saw a Nokia N1 Android tablet, not a Nokia Android phone this android phone

Like Nokia N1 tablet, the Nokia C1 will most likely be manufactured by Foxconn under the brand licencing from Nokia. Which means that Foxconn is fully responsible for all the production, marketing & after sales service of the new Nokia phone.

These new images are from the tipster @Nokiapoweruser, who leaked these images on twitter. As you can see, the phone will be coming in the 4 colors : White, Grey, Gold and Pink. And it shares similar design language we saw in the Nokia N1 tablet that came out earlier this year.


The newest leaks and renders suggest that the phone will be running Android with Nokia’s own custom launcher, the Z launcher. We’ve seen Z launcher on Nokia N1 tablet also, it has been on Play Store for a long time, if you haven’t checked it out, don’t forget to give it a try.

nokia c1 nokia android phone

Variants & Specifications

It has been said that Nokia C1 will be launched in two different variants, based on it’s size – one with a 5 inch full HD 1080p screen and other with a bigger 5.5 inch full HD 1080p screen. The 5 inch model will carry 2GB RAM with 32GB internal memory & 8MP primary camera and the other model will carry 3GB RAM coupled with 64GB internal memory, it will feature a much bigger camera sensor, a 13MP one. However, more stuff about the internals are unknown about the Nokia C1, we’ll update it as soon as more leaks come out!


It is also rumored that Nokia C1 will also have a version running Windows, which will satisfy the Nokia-Windows lovers (Lumia, ahem!). The Windows powered Nokia C1 will only be available in select markets though.


Nokia C1 will be a hell lot of come back from Nokia. In my opinion, Nokia should have gone the Android way a long time back, which didn’t happen and they went with Windows phone. We all know how it turned out, too bad they didn’t notice the fact that you don’t need a whole separate Operation System to set you apart from the Android crowd! We hope it all turns out good this time, with the new Nokia Android Phone (Windows also, just that most people are waiting just for Android in Nokia!).

And one thing to remember is that it isn’t the old Nokia we’re familiar with, it’s just a new phone with Nokia brand name in it. Nokia (technically, Foxconn) just have to start from fresh with this phone and build the whole ecosystem once again. And yes, you won’t be able to get customer service from the old Nokia Care! Let us know your thoughts on this, and everything else you’ve got to say.


  1. Are you saying that the quality of old nokia phones is not present in upcoming nokia, because the device will b manufactured by foxconn!! and not by nokia!!???
    And foxcon company is which country!???
    I trust nokia and i am must to know before buying ,that the same quality is present or not!!
    Please reply, Thanks in advance.

  2. You are sure the Nokia Android smartphone is coming on market, I can’t believe the please have a everything about on Nokia phones please remember me .

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