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My iPhone Touch Screen Is Not Working – How to Fix it?

It is one of the most irritating issues when your iPhone touch is not working and it can happen to anyone. This is a terrible situation to be on since you can not make calls from your iPhone or text anyone. It simply means that the iPhone touch screen is not working issue will make your phone useless.

Now, if you have a similar issue then we are here to help you out. On this article, we will explain why the touchscreen of your iPhone is not working. Also, how can you fix the issue? If your iPhone does not have a major issue then you can simply fix your iPhone from your home. But before we move to the solution, let us explain why the touch screen of the phone is not working.

How to fix “My iPhone Touch Screen Is Not Working” issue?

NOTE: Here, we’re going to explain the common solutions for the issue of iPhone not turning on. It should work on all the models in eluding iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 4, etc!

Why is the touchscreen of your iPhone not working?

Well, the reason is simple. It simply means that the software of your iPhone is not connecting with the hardware of your iPhone the way it should. It happens for many reasons, there can be a problem with the iPhone screen, or there can be a problem with the iPhone’s touch sensor. Or it is some third party app that is blocking the connection. The reason can be many.

So just read on where we will be talking about every possible fix that could make your iPhone work again. So just check out the following steps and start applying these fixes one by one.

How to fix iPhone touch screen is not working issue?

Clean the screen of your device

One of the most common causes of this issue is that the iPhone screen is dirty. And it is blocking the screen to recognize your finger touch. So make sure you have cleaned your screen. There can be oil, dust, moisture or any other element that causing the issue. Also, do not forget to clean your fingers as well. It will probably fix the issue if it doesn’t, then see if your phone has any third-party protector or not. If your iPhone does have a third party screen protector, then simply remove it. Then again clean the screen of the iPhone and test it. If it is working then you are good to go and if it doesn’t, then you should not worry as we have more steps to share.


Update the existing apps

Maybe there is some bug with the apps that you use. And the only solution to get rid of the bug is to update the apps. So try to update all the apps that you use. Even if there are some updates from the apple do download it and update.

However, this fix will only work if your iPhone touch is unresponsive for some selected apps. If your iPhone screen is unresponsive for every iPhone feature then you can simply skip this step.

Delete Unnecessary apps

If you have downloaded some apps that you do not even use, consider a delete action for it. Maybe the apps brought some bugs with it and it’s making your iPhone screen unresponsive. So figure out the apps that you do not even use and delete them one by one. However, you can too skip this step if your phone screen is completely not working and you are not able to do anything.

Try performing a hard reset

Maybe there are some bugs that completely made your iPhone touch screen unresponsive. So how can you fix this? Well, you can simply perform a hard reset or hard formatting task. If the problem is with some software it will fix the issue else you have to move on to the next step. However to reset your iPhone here are the steps that you can follow:

If you own an iPhone 6 or older apple device then you have to press the home button and hold down the wake button together for like 20 to 30 seconds. For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus try pressing the home button and volume up or down button. If the problem is with your software then soon you will see a logo of the apple.

NOTE: In case your issue is different from this one, and your iPhone is not turning on, visit this step by step guide instead.

Is the iPhone touch screen cracked?

Well if the display of your Apple device is completely cracked then it is time to stop trying all the fixes. As you can not fix a broken display. Also, the iPhone screen can be damaged by water. So figure out if your iPhone display is cracked or if the iPhone came across to any water splash? Or did you drop anything on the display?  If the answer is yes then stop here and do not apply any fix as it will not work. If your iPhone screen is broken then it is advisable to take the iPhone to the apple store and get the device fixed.

If your apple device is under warranty and has insurance you can talk with the folks at the apple store and figure out what to do. Just tell them that my iPhone screen is not working.

However, we do not think that Apple would fix your broken screen under warranty. But, if the screen stopped working without any physical damage, they’ll be happy to replace your phone too if it’s under warranty. So it is advisable to visit apple store if the steps on this page didn’t work for you!

We hope you all the best and wish your issue has been solved by now.

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