MIUI v6 for Redmi 1s [Unofficial Port] – Download & Update

Finally, it’s here! MIUI v6 is now available for Redmi 1s/Hongmi 1s WCDMA version. This is not an Official ROM, instead, it is a ported ROM. MIUI v6 has been a long-awaited update for the Redmi 1s users, as the Xiaomi phone has been plagued with many issues on MIUI v5. And MIUI v6 has been destined to be an answer to all the problems.

This ROM is named “MIUI V6 For Redmi 1s [By Syhost]“. It is a completely unofficial ROM, which has been built with the source from other devices. The developer is also behind some unofficial and official Mokee ROMs too.

MIUI v6 brings many new features, including new flat design. Mi calls it ‘Simple, intuitive, beautiful’. It is built on top of Android Kitkat 4.4.4 and hence it is a more lighter ROM than MIUI v5. It also comes with new power saving modes, improved RAM consumption, and many more.

The official MIUI v6 is yet to be released, and the update schedule for Indian version for Redmi 1s is set to be around March. MIUI v6 India release date is not confirmed, the previous estimation was for Global MIUI v6 ROM.

Just to reminder, this is a first build of an unofficial ROM. And this will have bugs, so flash this MIUI v6 ROM only on your risk and don’t blame me or the devs or MIUI forums if anything happens to your device.


The reported bugs of this device are as follows :

  1. Data connection of SIM 2 is not working.
  2. Camera application not working. (You can try third party camera apps or Google camera apk).
  3. Vibration not working.
  4. If there is force closing of ‘‘, freeze it using Titanium Backup or Root Uninstaller.

More bugs are to be reported, if you found any bugs, please report it to the original thread on MIUI forums.


We (Gadgetraid) are not responsible for any damages that your device might undergo after flashing these ROMs. Rooting your phone and using custom ROMS have risks, and if instructions aren’t followed you can BRICK YOUR DEVICE. We are NOT responsible if your phone breaks, cries or die! And I forgot, your warranty will be void.

Download MIUI v6 for Redmi 1s [by Syhost]

Download from Dev-Host


Download from Weibo (Needs Password)

Password : E98S

miui v6 for redmi hongmi 1s download

Download link for recovery

TWRP recovery

Official flashable builds (with MiRecovery)


Installation Instructions

For MIUI v5 users

  1. Go to Settings > About phone > Update > Select update package /Updater > Select update package.
  2. Flash the above provided recovery.
  3. Reboot to recovery
  4. Do a Full data wipe
  5. Install zip
  6. Select the downloaded Rom

For AOSP/CM users

  1. Reboot to recovery
  2. Install zip and select recovery
  3. Reboot to recovery again
  4. Do a Full data wipe
  5. Install zip and choose downloaded Rom

All the credit goes to Syhost who patched the build and balika01 who built it. (Both from MIUI forums)

Let us hope this project goes well, and we’ll get a fully functional bug-free MIUI v6 ROM for Redmi 1s. I’m personally using a Redmi 1s as my secondary phone. And I love MIUI (even with some little problems), especially the themes, music player and camera. I want desperately this version of MIUI v6 to be fully functional, so that I can use it as a daily driver. (Hope you’re also feeling like that, if you’re a Redmi 1s user)
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Source : MIUI forums

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