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Micromax Canvas 5 : What we know till now! [Rumours]

Micromax Canvas 5 is going to be a big release for the biggest Indian mobile manufacturer. They are now the number one mobile manufacturer in India. Recently, they made great news when they signed an agreement with the custom ROM firm, CyanogenMod. It was then rumored that they might be launching their new flagship, Canvas 5 with CyanogenMod OS! They have already launched the Android One phone and made us impressed. Now tet’s take a look at what we know about the Canvas 5 until now.

It is confirmed that the Micromax Canvas 5 will be running the most popular custom ROM, CyanogenMod 11! That’s certainly a great move by Micromax and CyanogenMod. They both will be benefited by this, CyanogenMod is yet to find a mass market for its firmware replacement (One Plus One and Oppo N1 are the others). With Micromax on their back, CyanogenMod could gain huge popularity in India, as Micromax is now the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in India, and the trend is here to continue! Micromax has not yet been able to heavily impress the tech geeks and enthusiasts in India, this will be changed soon with the release of Canvas 5 with CyanogenMod’s support!

The folks at DroidGoblin has reported earlier that the Micromax Canvas 5 might ship with a new MediaTek chipset, the MT67xx. This is not yet confirmed by Micromax. But there are reports that the Canvas 5 will be running MT6595, which is a variant of MT6592 that is found in the recently released Meizu MX4. Either of the chipsets, we’re dealing with a powerhouse here, which is capable of fighting in toe-to-toe with the anticipated releases such as Xiaomi Mi 4 and One Plus One.

The device will be featuring a 5-inch full HD (1920×1080) 441ppi display, most probably an IPS display. It will have the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. And it will be coming with an 18 MP back camera (sounds a bit odd isn’t it?) and a 5 MP front camera. The phone will be having an aluminum unibody design like their current flagship, Canvas Knight and might carry on the design language of its predecessor, Canvas 4.

And one more thing, Micromax Canvas 5 price in India is approx. 22,000 INR.


Micromax Canvas 5 Specifications

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I’m sure you have this question in your mind, When will Micromax canvas 5 be released? As we said, if this device is launched just before or with the Mi 4 and One Plus One, Micromax has a big winner in it’s hands. Timing is everything, we think they know it well! And Micromax must be a little bit worried, as we reported earlier, Lava and Xolo is now closer to Micromax and is enjoying their second position in the Indian market. Let’s see what happens! Afterall, Micromax + CyanogenMod is a win-win situation for Indian customers!

UPDATE: It is official, Micromax announced its new subsidiary brand ‘Yu’, which will be producing the CyanogenMod OS-powered handsets! And we don’t have clear information about the possibility of CyanogenMod in Canvas 5. We’ll be updating, keep following Us!

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Disclaimer: These are all rumors and might not actually point to the actual device specifications or device (Or maybe it will!)


  1. its a good phone.. but oneplus one has much developer support and a wider range of roms,kernels,mods on its own official page… true modders will buy oneplus one

    canvas 5 could have this but mediatek dont share their source code.. which is illegal and against the rules of gpl license …very sad

    1. Well, we can hope that Micromax will be releasing the source code for the canvas 5. In fact, mediatek is now getting more open source friendly. And with cyanogenmod working with them, we can be pretty sure that the source codes will be released. And we have to remember that One Plus One became this much popular with this one reason, cyanogenmod pre-installed. So we can assume the same will be the case with the Canvas 5. And developer support will also be high, but not up to the likes of OPO. But it’ll be very high, if they make the right moves.

    2. And they will share the source code like they did with Android one phones. It’s not like they won’t share the source codes, they are charging extra for source codes. And most manufacturers don’t care about paying this money for the source codes. That’s why we don’t see the source codes for mediatek devices released often.

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