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Mi piston 2 Hands-On Review : The best in-ear under 5k!

Xiaomi had a huge success with its smartphones in India. Now, they have released their In-earphones, Mi Piston 2, which matches their smartphones ideology – High-quality products at dirt cheap rates. Also called Mi In-ear Headphone (Piston Design), Mi Piston 2/2.1 is a budget in-earphone that promises high-end audiophile-level immersive music experience. We will be reviewing the Mi Piston 2 that I got from Flipkart, which is the only official online partner on Mi. Actually, the unit I’m reviewing is the Mi Piston 2.1, which is basically the same model but small addition of the shirt clip and a longer wire. So, let’s get to the serious stuff, read on for Mi Piston 2 Review!

Design and Build

Mi piston (4)

Mi piston (6)

The design of the Mi Piston 2 is top-notch, there is no doubt in this. It is by far the sexiest in-earphones you can find below 5k. No wonder, it won the prestigious iF design awards. Not just the earphones, it’s cover and packaging is also sexy, and talks a lot about Xiaomi’s quality and design expertise.

[pullquote]It is by far the sexiest in-earphones you can find below 5k.[/pullquote]

Build quality is the best thing about Mi Piston 2. It is the best-built in-ears you can get for the asking price (or much higher to the upwards of 2k). The parts are made of aluminum metal and the wires used are of very high quality, something you’ll not find at this price range.


The wire is made up of two types of materials. The wire is coated with nylon fabric from the earphone jack to the buttons, after the buttons, the wire splits into two and is like the usual wires you see in other earphones. Xiaomi claims that the wires are made of Braided Kevlar material, which makes them quite sturdy and less tangible.


Mi piston (11)

The earplugs are made of metal it produces a nice metallic sound when held in hand. There is a strain relief at the point where the wire connects with the earplugs. It is a nice addition, it reduces microphonics and protects your pistons from damages in the area. The earphone jack is also made up of metal, like that of earplugs. And there is also a strain relief like that in the earplugs.


Buttons and controls

Mi piston (12)

Next come the buttons and controls. Here, the body seems to be built on plastic but has the same pattern as that of the other parts. There are three buttons, two on one side and one on the other. The buttons can be a bit confusing at first, but you’ll get familiar with on use. (For the functionality of these buttons, see Compatibility section)


Mi pistons

Mi Pistons comes with these accessories:

  • 1x Small ear tip
  • 1x Medium ear tip
  • 1x Semi-Large ear tip (The one that it comes with by default)
  • 1x Large eartip
  • 1x Shirt clip

Fit and Comfort

Choosing the right ear tip is the key to enjoying the most out of any in-earphone. So, the first thing you have to do after getting Mi pistons is to choose the right one for your ear. It might take some time for you to choose the correct one, but it is worth it.

The ear tips are comfortable enough to stay in your ear for long, but make sure you select the right one or else you may not be able to get the right sound and you might find the ear tips not comfortable.



The Mi pistons is an amazing pair of in-ears for the asking price. It can easily compete with those in the two to three times more costlier than it. The sound signature that the Mi Pistons produce is a common V-shaped one, but the sound quality that oozes from it is extraordinary for the price. It has a pretty wide sound stage (not as wide as SoundMagic PL30, but comes close). And the results are that the sound seems to come from a distance and it gives a sense of space around your ear.

The sound signature of Mi piston 2 is best suited for the Bollywood music, which is the result of the separation and sound stage you’re getting from these babes. Bollywood musicians seem to cramp up a lot of instruments in their songs, which is what the Mi piston 2 is craving for! That doesn’t mean it isn’t suited for other genres, it also shines in other music genres too – be it Hip Hop, DJ music (EDM), Pop, or any other, Mi pistons won’t disappoint you. Now, let’s get to the basics of sound –


Mi Pistons is not a bass heavy earphone, rather it is tight on bass. The bass does not over power other frequencies on the spectrum, rather it is tight and controlled, and plays nicely with vocals and treble. It should be more than enough for bass listeners and would be a present surprise if you’re coming from other bass heavy earphones. [pullquote]A present surprise if you’re coming from other bass heavy earphones[/pullquote]

The mid and sub bass portions are much present that the upper bass region, this is the reason why Mi Pistons produce a very fun and interesting sound signature. This is also the reason why the bass doesn’t bloat the other regions on the spectrum, as I said earlier.

Treble and Vocals

The treble and vocals are also so good in Mi Pistons, as I said they are not overpowered by the bass. You’d love to hear the small sparkle in the treble and this combined with the bass gives you a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The vocals can be heard clearly, because of the separation and sound stage. Talking about separation, the instrument separation is quite great for this price, each and every sound can be heard and could be differentiated from each other.


The isolation on the Mi pistons is a little bit on the lower side, partly because of the design of the earplugs. The earplugs has an opening on the back, which is necessary for sound enhancement.



Mi Pistons are not just for the Mi phones (Mi 3 and Redmi 1s), they are compatible with all Android phones and iPhones (iOS 7.1.1 and above not supported). Here’s a list of functions each button does :


  • Middle Button :
    • Single press : Play/Pause
    • Double press : Next
    • Triple press : Previous
  • Top button : Volume+ control
  • Bottom button : Volume- control

But, Xiaomi devices, they can be configured to function either as volume control or as music play back control (next or previous). The single button on the middle can perform call function (accept calls and reject) and music play back control (double click for next and triple click for previous song).


  • Middle Button :
    • Short press : Attend call/mute
    • Long press : Hang up the call
  • Top button : Volume+ control
  • Bottom button : Volume- control


  • Long press middle button (while not on call) : Google Now
  • Long press on lock screen/sleep : Voice dialer

The functions are pretty much same for iOS devices, but unfortunately, only the middle button works on iOS devices. No volume control for you, Apple users.

Xiaomi phones

Mi piston (1)

Xiaomi phones have built in Mi-sound enhancer, which works flawlessly with Mi pistons. I’m using Mi pistons with my Xiaomi Redmi 1s, with Mi sound enhancer turned on. Mi sound enhancer has special settings for Mi in-ear phones., which does improve sound quality a lot and reduces the need for tweaking the equalizer by a great extent. This does not mean Mi pistons are use less with other phones and players, but it does need a little bit of tweaking and playing with equalizer in-order to get most out of them.



In India, there are no much better options when coming to the low budget in earphones. At this price range, some other earphones you can consider are the Sennheiser cx180, SoundMagic ES18, SoundMagic PL21, SoundMagic PL30, Creative EP630, Tekfusion Twinwoofers, JBL Tempo, and some others. I have used Twinwoofers, SM PL30, ES18, and recently Sennheiser cx180.I have used most of these and I’ll be sharing my views on each of them. And by the way, if you thought I forgot to mention the Skullcandy’s, you’re mistaken, I did that purposefully as they stand only for the looks and does not come in par with any others when it comes to sound quality (Note : sound quality does not mean bass, in case you didn’t know).

I can say MI Pistons easily beats of these considering various factors. Tekfusion Twinwoofers were the first quality in ears I have had. I bought 3 years back when it was gaining so much popularity in Flipkart. It was an awesome pair of in ears for the price. It had awesome sound clarity, bass and the best treble in under 5k. But the main problem was it’s built quality. Even though it has amazing sound, it failed miserably when it came to built quality. Mine stopped working after just two months of use, pathetic! Next, I bought SoundMagic ES18, it was much cheaper when I bought. It is also an amazing pair of earphones, it came with average built quality (Although it didn’t broke or stopped working, the wire and plastic felt cheap, and the earplugs came apart once, I had to use superglue), it has an amazing bass which was the one thing that made it stand apart from others. I bought SoundMagic PL30, which I bought after being impressed with the ES18.

Enjoying music in PL30 was a heavenly experience, just because of it’s sound stage. It has the widest soundstage in under $150/10k INR. The sounds seem to come from almost half a meter wide from your ear, experiencing it every time you hear music is just priceless. I used it for almost an year until one of its earplugs stopped working after being stretched. Next I got Audio Technica ATH-CLR 100 , a mistake I made and not worth talking here. I bought Sennheiser CX180 after that, which was a pleasant deal which I got from Amazon for 600 INR. I mainly used that for listening for EDM music, which perfectly suited the genre, controlled bass and tight treble. I used it for about 6 months and bought the Mi Pistons

Of all of these, I can say Mi Pistons is the best in-ears that your precious money can buy in this budget. It easily beats all of the above mentioned in-ears and has a superior quality sound. (I think this section was quite big, as I’m an avid budget in-earphone user, I thought sharing my personal experience would be awesome for you! And yes, I’m in love with my Mi Pistons).


Mi piston 2 : Conclusion

Mi Pistons are an awesome pair of in-earphones that comes in an out-standing price. No other in-earphones in this class offers this much performance and build quality, and that too combined with the awesome style it is bringing in! I totally recommend the Mi In-ear Headphone (Piston Design) or Mi Piston 2/2.1 to any music lover! And what’s more, If you’re a Xiaomi user, there’s just no reason you shouldn’t but these cutie pies.

You can get your own legitimate Mi Pistons 2.1 from Flipkart > Click here!



Mi piston (18)

Mi piston (16) Mi piston (5) Mi piston (24) Mi piston (15)

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  1. hi abhijit,

    very nice review , very helpful.
    can you please review the mi in earphones 3rd gen and compare it with piston 2/2.1 ?

    thanks & regards

  2. Hi Abhijeet. My soundmagic es18s just stopped working ;It’s still under warranty but to no avail. Anyway, I’m really in a dilemma over cowon em1 and piston 2. I’m not really a soft user and looking for a sturdier and a durable pair this time. Your suggestions?

    1. Piston 2 is better choice for you, it’s better than Cowon EM1 both in terms of sound quality and build quality.

  3. Which headphones should i buy of the headphones Cowon EM1 vs Piston 2(2.0) vs Mi In ear (3.0)
    To be used with my Mi 4

    1. You can go with either Piston 2 or Piston 3, as MIUI already have music presets just for the both of the in ears, they’re the best for your phone. Also Piston 2 is better than Cowon EM1, in terms of sound quality and also the build quality.

  4. Nice review man! I have a query. I have purchased pistons 2 and they came in a white box. I have seen reviews on Youtube where they came in Brown box with specs written in Chinese.
    I just wanted to ask if you have any information regarding this? Whether White boxed ones are original too or not.
    Also, the buttons are not working on my Android Device. Any idea why?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I also got Pistons in white box. 🙂
      As long as you purchased it from official channels (flipkart or Mi official site), it’s original.
      And please mention which phone are you using it with? I didn’t had any issue with multiple phones and ROMS.

      1. I purchased it from MI India site only. So I guess they are original.
        And I have been using Samsung galaxy ace and Micromax Canvas 2 plus.
        The buttons are not working on either.

  5. I received my mi piston 3 yesterday any all ready got burn in for 10 hours . I didn’t use piston 2 so I don’t know anything about that but I have sennheiser cx 180 street 2 and creative ep 630 so I can tell you that as per the sound quality it’s sennheiser is the clear winner and mi comes second but as per built quality and looks it’s definitely mi is far better than other two.

    1. Cool! I’ve also used CX 180 before, as I said in this review, I found Mi Piston 2 to outdo the Sennheiser. I found CX 180 a bit bassy and focused only on low end. What’s your view on that?

      1. Dear Abhijit as I mentioned before that I don’t have any idea about piston 2 I am just comparing sennheiser with piston 3 and there I found cx 180 is better. Yes dude you are right sennheiser is bit bassy but I think it is balanced though.

        1. Okay! I owned both, Piston 2 and CX 180. 🙂
          I found Mi Piston 2 a bit better in terms of sound stage and overall balance. Oh, and on treble side too, even though nothing in this price range comes close to Tekfusion Twinwoofers in treble.

  6. Great review. I have used Tekfusion Twinwoofer, (which have great sound quality but broke within 3 months of usage), Samsung earphone (which come with note 3), Cowon em1 and this pair of Mi Piston 2… Among these Mi Piston is best I can say… As Mi Team has been launched Mi Piston 3 in India recently, I am planning to upgrade to this one… Can u please make a review of this pair. I like to read a sincerely review before I purchase it.

    1. Yeah, It has been an awesome iem for me too. Too bad it’s build quality didn’t match it’s awesome sound. :/

      1. I mean, Can u review Mi Piston 3? I wanna know about the sound quality of the new driver used in Piston 3. Is it better than Piston 2 or not??? I’m afraid to purchase if it doesn’t have a better sound quality than the old one..

        1. The review is under consideration. 🙂
          As I haven’t tried it, I can’t really comment on Piston 3.
          But I do have a feeling it might be better than Piston 2. 😉

  7. I am stuck with soundmagic E10/Koss plug/soundmagic p30 wondering which one to go for…what would you suggest? and why? thank you

    1. Well, You can go for SoundMagin E10 with your eyes closed, even though Koss Plug and E10 comes close in terms of Sound, but SM E10 is better with it’s more balanced sound and quite better sound stage.

  8. Hi….. nice detailed review…… M confuse between Tecfusion twinwoofers or Mi piston… Which u recommend in overall performance????

    1. Just close your eyes and buy Mi piston 2. That’s all I can say!
      Although Tekfusion Twinwoofers has a little bit better sound quality, it just can’t match Mi Piston’s build quality, and also piston comes with mic and 3 button controls. And do keep in mind that tekfusion comes with terrible build quality, mine stopped working within 2 months. Go for Xiaomi’s Piston in-earphone!

  9. Nice earphones but i don’t want to buy a earphone.i want to buy a headphone.Please suggest me some good quality headphone under my budget.My budget is 3k rupee.
    shivam gupta

    1. Audio-Technica – ATH-S300 which you can get online for around Rs 2800. Or you can go for Sennheiser HD 205 I. Both of which offer great quality of sound for the price paid. And the Audio technica head phone is great in the looks department too.
      Another great option is the Sound Magic P30, as you know soundmagic provides great value for money products. It also has got rave reviews in head fi and other websites too.
      And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always opt for Koss Portapro, which is a classic hit over the head headphone, which was released some 30 years back, and is still the best you can get on this class. It is still the best seller in headphones. It sells for $40.and no other headphones bring this value. It is difficult to get in India, snapdeal sells it for Rs 4100 or more. If you can manage to get it, it is the best headphone you can have !

  10. Well that’s a clean and detail review. Like the effort you put up on this blog. I have own a wide range of IEM’s and TF TW are my favourite but i lost it. my second preference is skullcandy INKD’2 unfortunately I lost it too. Now am using Cowon em1 & Soundmagic ES18 both are bang for the buck. defenitely gonna try pistons next.

    1. Thanks for the compliment!
      I don’t know about the INK’D series, but the other skullcandys I tried was not upto the mark. And you should definitely check out the Mi pistons! The best part is, it also have mic and control buttons, all with the amazing sound quality!

  11. can you prefer me a headphone with awesome thumping base.. and should i go for over the ear or in ear.. mic is not necessary i love the base please suggest me something awesome under 2k

    1. If your budget is upto 2k,i would suggest you to go for sound magic e10. Which can be bought from infibeam @1900 approx.
      And you should definitely go for in ears at this range. Just because there are no amazing over earphones available at this range. There is Koss portapro, which is difficult to get in India. You could try importing if you want an over ear so badly.

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