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macOS Mojave Wallpapers – Dynamic Desktop Wallpapers [Stock Wallpapers]

macOS Mojave is the next version of macOS, which was announced at WWDC 2018 event by Apple. As we all expected, the new version of macOS comes with a new set of default wallpapers. And boy, are they epic!

Here in this page, we’re presenting you the macOS Mojave Wallpapers in it’s highest quality. (Yes, all of them!)

macOS Mojave Wallpapers

NOTE: You can download these by right clicking on the images and opening it on the new tab and saving it. Or you can check the zip file we attached below the wallpapers to directly download all the Mojave wallpapers as a single file.

Here are the full set of macOS Mojave stock wallpapers:

macos mojave wallpaper

Download macOS Mojave Wallpapers

File name
File size 435kb
File type PNG
No. of wallpapers included 1
Resolution 1758×855


NOTE: This is the default wallpaper, more dynamic desktop wallpapers from macOS Mojave will be added as soon as it’s available. The whole set is not out yet.

What’s so special about macOS Mojave wallpapers?

It’s special because Mojave features “Dynamic Desktop“, which is the name for the default wallpaper set which changes automatically according to the current time.

The default wallpaper is the sand dune one, which will show night time when it’s night time and it’ll be morning in the morning and even early morning in the desktop when it’s early morning.


About macOS Mojave

Unlike High Sierra, Mojave is not an iterative update, but a rather major update for macOS. And it is touted by Tim Cook as “inspired by pro users, but designed for everyone.

What’s new in MacOS Mojave?

Dark mode

This is the biggest new feature in MacOS Mojave. macOS now supports native dark mode, which turns everything in the UI to a dark shade from the default grey. It doesn’t change anything other than the colours, but it sure looks great!

Redesigned Mac App store

Ok, let’s admit that macOS app store redesign has been a long overdue. It was way behind current design trends. Well, not anymore.

With this redeisgn, Apple has basically built a new app store (in terms of design & UI) and looks and feels epic. Apple is also adding Microsoft & Adobe as partners to launch 365 & CC through the app store respectively.

Desktop stacks

Desktop stacks is a new feature where macOS cleans up the desktop by creating and curating files on the desktop according to their file type. Have a bunch of PDF files on your desktop, it’ll be added to the PDF folder, similarly it’ll arrange and declutter everything according to file type.

These are the major updates to macOS Mojave, if you want a full list of new features, head over to this article by TheVerge.

Conclusion: macOS Mojave wallpapers

We hope you liked these macOS Mojave wallpapers! And yes, we’re the first on listing these online to download.  Do let us know in the comments if you were not able to download the wallpapers or if you found any difficulty in setting up the wallpapers. Cheers!

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