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Awesome List of Top 8 Light Antivirus for PC & macOS

Antivirus is an essential program for any computer. Since we do download a lot of things from the internet on daily basis, there is a pretty high chance that all the files that we download contain some kind of computer virus. This virus may not cause much harm but it will slow down your computer. You may even have to reinstall your operating system when some viruses infect it.

When it comes to reinstalling your operating system it gets quite hectic. So it’s better to have an antivirus product installed on our computer to safeguard our files. However, just in case if you are looking for some free and paid antivirus software for your Windows PC or MAC, then we are here to help you out. We have handpicked some of the best light antivirus for pc that will surely keep your files protected.

The traditional antiviruses are so heavy and ram intensive that they end up hanging the older systems with fewer specifications. This is why we have written this article, to speak about the light antivirus for pc and Mac, that you can run on older devices easily.

However, some of the antivirus options that listed on this page can come as a paid version and some of the options are freely available. So without wasting any more time let us just get into the topic. We have listed the top light antivirus applications for Windows and Mac separately here.

Best Light Antivirus for PC & macOS

Top Light Antivirus for Windows

Windows Defender

windows defender

We all do love free stuff right? If you are a windows user then you do not even have to worry about an antivirus program. As Windows 10 comes with its own inbuilt windows defender application. To secure your windows pc you can use this default windows application. You need to download all the security updates as well as the windows updates regularly.  The windows defender application is capable of providing security for the worms, viruses, and Trojans. It works in a quiet way, the application runs in the background quietly. Whenever you attach any external storage, it will simply scan it in the background and shows detections if any. It is also super lightweight.


Avast For Windows

Avast For Windows

Avast is also one of the popular lightweight antivirus programs that currently exist on the internet. Talking about the biggest good thing about the product, it’s free of cost. The application comes with all the necessary options that an antivirus application should have and also it is a lightweight application. It also provides fast protection and offers a web-reputation browser extension. There is also a paid version available for this product. Just in case if you start loving the free version and wants to get more from the avast application, you can simply pay for it and become a premium user.


eset nod32

is also one of the lightweight antivirus applications for windows. However, it is not as good as other applications listed here. Talking about the ESET NOD32 application, it protects your PC with high security and works really smoothly on your pc. The ESET application is built on unique heuristic technology that helps you to identify viruses that are completely new or unknown Trojans. It helps you to protect your computer from the real-time vulnerabilities, as well as protects you from cyber threats. If you are looking for a real-time protection based security utility then you should definitely try out the ESET NOD32.

AVG Antivirus Free

avg antivirus free

Avast AVG Free is also one of the popular antiviruses out there. The application is freely available on the internet and also it is a lightweight application. It not only detects virus from your pc but also safeguard your device from attacks. The unique feature of the free antivirus is the AVG Do Not Track. This feature allows you to choose websites that can use your personal data. The websites listed under Do Not Track will be blocked from recording details about you such as your IP, location, etc. If you are looking for an antivirus application that protects your personal data on the web, then AVG free is for you.

Top Light Antivirus Applications for Mac

Sophos Antivirus For Mac

sophos antivirus for macSophos is one of the popular antivirus utility when it comes to MAC. With Sophos, you can easily scan your files, folders, and drives. You can also perform a scheduled scan. It also scans windows malware, Trojans, and viruses and safeguards your MAC computer. It deletes every suspicious element from your computer. The application will ask you to delete if there is any suspicious content. The application runs quietly in the background and scans the emails and downloads while surfing the internet. Also, the application is completely free and lightweight, although there is a Home Premium 

Avast For Mac

 avast for macJust like windows, there is also a free version of Avast available for the MAC computers. According to the researchers at avast, the application can detect 100% of the MAC Trojans. The application is lightweight and free. Also, the antivirus works in a really great way. It is free to download on the internet. However, unlike Sophos, it does not catches windows malware. But that would be okay to you if you are using only MAC computers.

Avira For MacAvira for mac

Avira is also one of the free yet lightweight antivirus applications for MAC computers. The user interface of the application is super easy to understand. However, it will not detect any windows malware. Also, the power users of Mac may not like this application. But it is quite good for people who make fewer interactions with their MAC computers. However, the application lacks a few other options that every antivirus application should have.

Panda Cloud Antivirus For Mac

Panda Cloud Antivirus For Mac 

Panda is one of such companies who has detected more than 250million threats. The application size is only 2.15MB so you can be assured that it is a lightweight application. The application is available for platforms like Windows, MAC, iOS, and Linux. However, the application is not free. The application is super lightweight and based on cloud computing as well it is best in its category. Just in case if you are looking for a paid application with some awesome features, then this is the software that you need to consider.

Conclusion: Light Antivirus for Windows & macOS

In this article, we have written about best light antivirus applications each for Windows and Mac OS. We hope you selected one from this list and is now using a lite antivirus on your PC or Mac, as you should’ve done that earlier on!

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