Lenovo K6 Note Explodes
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[Exclusive] Lenovo K6 Note Bursts into Flames in Customer’s Pocket

An unfortunate incident happened with a customer and his Lenovo K6 Note. It has allegedly bursted into flames in his pocket, and he has injured his leg from the heat from the flames. The incident has been posted to Facebook by the user’s friend, Amal Joy (post is embedded below).

From his post, his friend who was using the phone, it is described like this. The phone was in his pocket and he was standing on the bus stand. He felt a little heat coming from his pocket. Also he saw smoke was coming. He threw the phone immediately, which then burst into flames.

Lenovo K6 Note Bursts into Flames (Images)

Below given are the images posted by the customer’s friend on his profile and a popular Android users group in Facebook: lenovo k6 note blast lenovo k6 note explodes

lenovo k6 note blast 1
Bill of the phone as mentioned by the user

 Facebook Post:

Translation of the post:

As the post is in Malayalam, I’m translating it:

This is how the post reads: My friend’s Lenovo K6 Note is what it looks like below. (Bought from Edappally Lulu Connect, last December, the guarantee period is not over. Bought from Lulu connect because we thought we won’t get good product from online sites).

Yesterday he was in bus stand and felt a big amount of heat in his pocket. Also came a little smoke from the pocket. He took out the phone from his pocket then itself, and threw it in the floor. The phone burst into flames in sometime.

He got injured on his leg, the injury is a little serious, he went to hospital then itself. Yesterday itself we went to Muvattupuzha Lenovo Service Center. They said they’ll replace the phone or will give the money back. We didn’t approve of it because this matter is of the matter of a person’s life. They said they’ll get back to us after consulting with their higher officials. We haven’t heard from then till today evening. We also called Lulu connect customer care, they said they’ll call back after calling Lenovo care.
We’re thinking of taking things to consumer court.
This is not a post to defame a famous brand, attaching the phone bill below. Lulu and Lenovo lost our respect.
If anyone know the brand officials, do let them know.
Thank you.

NOTE: I’m from Kerala, and the post is posted in a Malayalam Android group called “Android Community”. I know Malayalam, and has tried to translate the post as well as I can do.



They have uploaded a video of the phone in youtube. Do have a look:

[NOTE: Video has been removed]

What do I have to say about this?

Well, from the first hand, the incident looks true to the core. But it needs to be verified if the user was using a different brand of battery or charger. It is the normal excuse taken by brands for phone exploding incidents like this. But as this is a new phone, we could be sure that he was using the default battery. And about the charger, he wasn’t using it with the charger, so that’s also gone as an excuse.

Another thing to note is that, the phone comes with a big 4000 mAh battery, and is powered by a Snapdragon 430 chipset. Big battery could’ve caused the issue, as the chipset is not known for overheating.

It needs to be seen what Lenovo has to say about this incident. Normal case of refund or replacement is not enough here, as this is a case of a guy’s health, and can happen to anyone. Also, we have contacted the guy who posted this for more details. We’ll be updating this page with more details as soon as we have it. We’ve also reached out to Lenovo & Lenovo care in twitter, let’s see what they’ve to say about this.


    1. Take a good look at the navigation buttons and compare it with K6 Note images if you want. 🙂
      It’s K6 Note.

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