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[Exclusive] Micromax Yu’s first device leaked just before revealing!

Micromax Yu has been making waves on the Indian smartphone world, and they have been teasing their first device on their Facebook page and has been conducting many competitions and contests on their official forum. All this teasing and competition has given the device much anticipation. But, just before the announcing, the device is leaked/spotted! micromax yu logo

When the Micromax Yu was announced, I thought that they will go in a different direction by designing a phone by itself, instead of just re-branding a Chinese phone. But it looks like Micromax has done it again, Micromax Yu phone is just a re-branded version of Coolpad F2. Just check out these images, the left side of the image is the purported images teased by Micromax and on the right side is the Coolpad F2. Check out the similarities for yourselves:

Micromax Yu leak

More about Coolpad F2:

It is also known by the name Coolpad Great God F2. There are actually two models of Coolpad F2, one powered by a MediaTek 1.7Ghz MT6592 octacore SoC and the one powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor (This one is not confirmed, but the SD 615 version is listed in some Chinese online sites). The latter will be the one launching as Micromax Yu, as it coincides with other rumors about Yu, all of which said the device will carry a 64 bit processor.

It can also be said the the Yu phone will carry a MT6795 SoC, as the MT6595 has pin-to-pin compatibility with each other, and also that MT6795 is a true octa core 64 bit SoC. That’s because Micromax have been teasing super slow-mo videos, which is capable by MT6795 right now. For now, we can confirm other specifications, see the list below.


[table id=yucoolpadf2 /]

Update : The Micromax Yu has been revealed and as we spotted, this was indeed Coolpad F2 and it uses the Snapdragon 615 64 bit processor.


More Pictures:


Cool[ad f2 aka micromax yu

coolpad f2 (4)coolpad f2 1

coolpad f2 (6) coolpad f2 (8) coolpad f2 (1) coolpad f2 (3)

UPDATE: Amazon just posted a page for Micromax Yu, indicating that this phone will be an Amazon exclusive, just like One Plus One!

Thanks to my friends Siddhant Talwar and Ashutos Jain, who found out this similarity between Micromax Yu’s teaser images and Coolpad F2, Ashutos is the one who made the comparison image!

Also check out :

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Disclaimer : These are all rumors and might not actually point to the actual device specifications or device (Or may be it will!). 

Image Sources :  Ashutos Jain, Coolpad website, GizChina, China-Review
Also : Mohammed Imran and THE_NAMELESS (both from Yu forums)


  1. This is available as a cheap Chinese option for some more expensive ones.
    Talking about the coolpad f2 God w/ Snapdragon .
    Its says there
    — 13 MP sony exmor rs sensor but does not clarify which sensor is used. Any Clue here ?
    They used IMX135 in F1. I am almost sure that’s prolly not the case for F2 bcos they try and cut
    corners, knowing their personality – give 1 good thing then take away something else and bump the
    price up

    – the listing info says “little / no 3G/4G compatibility in North America! ”
    and specs have it as
    3G Network
    WCDMA 900/2100MHz
    4G Network
    TD-LTE: 2600MHz;4G: FDD-LTE: 2100/1800MHz

    that would make it no good in US. What abt India – voda, tata airtel etc ?

  2. It seems Micromax has started selling Chinese brands directly on commission basis. Waiting to get listed on Micromax Official website.
    And one question, Why no Micromax logo printed anywhere on this model? (Edited because of bad formating)

    1. I guess you don’t know really what Yu or Yureka is. Right? I’ll explain that to you. This is a brand of Micromax, which it is keeping a different entity from the Micromax brand. It is building a new brand on Smartphones with Yu. Also, it is almost like a Xiaomi. They are following what Xiaomi has done to the market, by creating a similar online-only brand and almost similar online-only promotion. This is why they are able to keep the price of the phone to a bare minimum. This is also the reason why there is no mention of Mircomax logo on phone. (It’s a different brand!).
      Also, about what you said about commission, If you didn’t knew, all of the Indian manufacturers, Micromax, Xolo, Karbonn or any other doesn’t manufacture smartphones in India. Most of the devices are just a rebranded version of some Chinese models. (Also, almost all of the smartphones are manufactured in China/Taiwan). So you can’t say about Micromax like that.
      Hope this cleared all of your queries, if anything else, don’t hesitate to ask!

      1. I am not a micromax hater. Rather I’m using MMX Canvas Magnus. And it’s superb and rock solid. Also using Xolo Q1010. Using both of the above for almost an year, and they perform great. I already know these brands are excellent performers. The only thing is this, Yu Yureka should not be only “On Paper Specs”. And thanks for the reply on my mail and personal recommendations.

        1. Yeah, what you said is absolutely correct. On-paper specs means nothing, all what matters is the user experience and responsiveness. Having been a Cyanogenmod fan and using it for some time, I can absolutely assure that Yu Yureka will be much better on this aspect.

  3. Hey Abhijith, It will be available via


    Also in the CG pic posted at[Link] you can clearly see that white circle below the screen, similar to CoolPad F2. All these evidences unambiguously point out that Micromax Yu is just a rebranded CoolPad F2.

    1. Noted and updated the post! Yes, the Amazon image is the same image that you can see as the featured image (image on home page) of this post. 🙂

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