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List of Best iPhone X Clones You Can Buy Right Now!

As the world know that in China you can find a clone of every gadget or tech. In China, there is even a clone of windows and Audi. However mostly the things that they copy is smartphones. Just in case if you are looking for a clone of iPhone X then definitely China have got your back. They do have the clone of iPhone X too. Even the device launched recently and China already made a copy of it.

However, the devices that they make is not exactly like the original product. But it looks like the real product and one can easily get fooled between the original and clone device. Hence people often sell iPhone X Clones claiming it as the original one. So how can you sport the device is original or fake? Read on and we will answer the question. Also read on to find out where you can get your hands on some fake iPhone X clones if you’re into that!

iPhone X Clones

How to Determine a Fake iPhone?

One of the first step to determine a fake iPhone is to look for the logo. So check out if the phone has a logo on the rear panel or not. Some clones do even put a logo. But at the bottom of the original device, you may notice some serial numbers. But on the clones, you may not see any logo.

Reboot the smartphone, and see if there is any Chinese company name flashing on the device or not. If the device is flashing something else instead of an apple logo then consider the device as a clone.

Check out if there is an SD card slot or not if there is an SD card slot the iPhone is fake. Also, see how many SIM cards you can insert in the phone. If you can insert more than one SIM card then you can say that the device is a clone.


Look for the built quality since apple uses great built quality for their product. It’s quite easy to sport difference between a fake iPhone and an original iPhone.

iPhone X Clones You Can Buy Right Now!

Now let’s talk about the iPhone clone and its specification. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting any time:

GooPhone X

goophone iphone x clone

The GooPhone X is the clone of the popular Apple device the iPhone X or iPhone 10. The GooPhone device looks exactly like the iPhone X and it also costs so less comparing to the original iPhone X. Also the clone sports almost same specification as the iPhone X. The GooPhone is well known for making clones of premium devices. As well as they are one of the trusted clone makers. The interesting part of their device is that it will cost your around $100 to $300. Talking about the specifications the device comes with a 5.8 inch SUPER HD Touch Screen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Talking about the design the smartphone looks exactly like the iPhone X. Bezel less display and a dual camera setup at the rear panel. The GooPhone copied the iPhone x completely.

Under the hood, the smartphone features a MediaTek MTK6580 chip. The phone also offers 2GB of RAM and for ROM you can choose between 8GB, 16GB and 32GB options. Also, you can expand its storage via a Micro SD card, unlike apple where you do not get an SD card slot. Also, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack that you basically do not get with the original iPhones. The GooPhone device is powered by Android but to make the user interface more authentic GooPhone offers an iPhone launcher.

So basically you are getting the experience of iOS by staying on the Android platform. Talking about the camera the GooPhone X comes with 12 megapixel CMOS camera on the rear panel. On the front for selfies, there is a 5 MP camera. The device also offers a battery of 3200mah. However, you do not get fast charging and wireless charging on the device. Also, the device offers a warranty period of one year. However, there is also one more interesting feature about the clone. That you can choose if you want the clone of the iPhone x with FACE ID or without FACE ID. For Face ID you have to pay $10 extra. Without the face ID, there is not extra charge. So just in case if you want an exact copy of the iPhone X at the lowest price. Goophone X definitely is the best solution for your needs.

Upcoming iPhone X Clones

Leagoo S9

leagoo s9 iphone x clone

leagoo s9 clone iphone x

Leagoo S9 is not another shady Chinese iPhone X clone, this one is from a brand called Leagoo. Leagoo is like a second tier Chinese brand, their clone iPhone X comes with Android (unsurprisingly), but has better specs than most other phones on this list.

The Leagoo S9 is powered by a Mediatek P40 chipset and comes with 6GB of RAM & 128GB of storage. The screen is a 5.85 inch AMOLED panel and has dual camera system (16+16MP) on the back, which is taken directly from the iPhone X. What makes this phone a little different from other clones & iPhone X is that it has got a small chin on the bottom of the display & has a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. You can get it from China for around $300.

Oppo R13

iphone x clone

oppo r13 iphone x clones

oppo r13 iphone x clone

Oppo R13 is a phone that is technically an iPhone X Clone, but it’s different from other phones on the list. That’s because of the fact that Oppo R13 is an upcoming phone and it has been leaked a couple of times, with a iPhone X display and not sporting a fingerprint scanner. Just look at the image above. The specs of the phone or anything isn’t known now.

Other iPhone X Clones

Below given are the unbranded iPhone X clones that we could find online. Don’t believe the product images or screenshots given on the product pages or specifications given on the product page. Also, we don’t recommend you buying stuff from these shady Chinese websites too.

iPhone X Clone from HDC Player Tech

Below given are the images from the product page:clone of iphone x

iphone x clones


Also, a few more things that you should remember is that. You should always make a purchase from the authentic e-commerce sellers. One of the popular e-commerce sellers is Gearbeast.com, Alibaba.com, and ebay.com. However, there are so many other authentic websites exist on the web so it is highly advisable to read a review of the website. Before making any purchase.

Also, make sure you are looking at the return and warranty policy of the device that you are planning to buy. Some devices do not offer the warranty or allow you to return the product. So check out the details before making any purchase. Also, you need to be careful as most of the websites turn out to be fake. Like you pay the website for a device but they do not even ship it to your address or answer to your query. So you have to be extra careful while dealing with Chinese websites.

However, you can also check out the local dealers for iPhone X clones. As there is a high chance that they are selling the clones of an iPhone X. Buying a clone from the local sellers is the safest way. As you are getting the chance to check out the device before making a purchase.


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