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Newest Leaked Images of iPhone 8 (or iPhone X?)

What does we have here! A new leaked design of iPhone 8. That too with a whole new design on camera. Yes, it has dual camera setup of iPhone 7, but with a small change. We’ll get to that later. In this post, we’re going to show the two major leaked images of the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, one with the front and back panels and other the sketch of the same.

Take a good look at this newest leaks of the alleged iPhone 8 (or iPhone X?):

Whether its called iPhone X or iPhone 8, this one here is a very revolutionary design for an iPhone. The striking design features include:

  • Thin bezels on top and bottom (the trend is catching on it seems!)
  • Vertical dual camera design (now that’s a way to make it look unique)
  • Also the absence of home button and Touch ID.

iPhone X leak

The major shake up in the design must be the absence of the home button/Touch ID. If you look the image listed above (which was leaked a couple of days back actually), you can see that there’s a section mentioned as “17:9 Function area”. Which must an adaptation of Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro. Which would also mean that Apple must’ve found a way to incorporate Touch ID right into that area, hence the absence of home button. Anyways, what’s actually interesting is this comes in line with the leak last week (actually a sketch) by a factory employee. (Take a look at that)

This would bring a whole lot of ideas to the table, if you think about it! It is to be seen if Apple is to be going to allow third party applications to make use of the Function area like in MacBook Pro or just leave it as is with simple functions (like the on screen buttons in Android).


Also, here are the dimensions:

  • Body Dimensions – 150 x 73 mm
  • Display Size – 133 x 65 mm (5.8 inches / 18.5:9)

That’s it guys! Do tell us what you think about the iPhone 8 or iPhone X design on the comments below. There’s so much to love or hate! 😉

DISCLAIMER : This is a leak of iPhone 8/iPhone X. This might or might not turn up to be the next iPhone. 

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