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Hide & Password Protect Files and Folders in Windows Phone

Some of you might be searching for how to hide folder in Windows phone, but haven’t find a good solution yet. Right? Well, Hiding folders is very easy on Android, but it was not possible on WP for a long time. Well, I have a good news for you. You can now hide folders on WP too by using an Folders Free app, you can hide folders in windows phone 8/8.1 very easily.

You might have installed Folders Free app on your device. If now, download it now or update it. The new update of this app added the functionality of Hidden folders and Encrypted folders. Have a look at the store and download it from here : Download Folders Free, Advanced File Manager

hide password protect folders windowsphone

Folders Free was one of the first file manager apps of Windows phone, and it still the best when it comes to features. The app covers most of the basic file managing operations, and now with it’s the latest update comes to a whole lot of new features, out of which the “Hide & Encrypt folders” features is an exclusive one and you’ll not find this option on any other file manager app in WP.

Select the folder and set up the password, you’ll have a hidden encrypted folder that will not be shown in any other apps, such as Video player. It will not be accessible when connected to a PC also. On setup, the app will also ask for a recovery question and answer, in case you forget the password for the lock.

One of the other main features is the ability to transfer files over the WiFi with other devices. It can play all the music on a folder by using its in-built media player. Also, you can pin a folder/file to the Start screen for quick access. For more, check out the Folders Free page on the store.


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  1. Awesome post. Thiis is really awesome.
    Now we can hide perfectly any files and folders on windows pc in just few clicks.
    Thank you… ????

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