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FaceTime for Android – Best FaceTime Alternatives for Android

Apple introduced FaceTime in 2010 along with iPhone 4. It became an instant hit among iPhone users and video calling term is replaced with FaceTime (I’ll video call you now changed to I’ll FaceTime you now!). But Android users (also other platforms) are left out from this, as there is no FaceTime for Android. So in this post, I’ll show you how to use FaceTime in Android, read on!

I’ll tell you right away, there’s no way you can Facetime from ios to Android or Android to iPhone (there’s no FaceTime for Android, atleast the FaceTime app). But what you can do is to install other apps which works like FaceTime and can be used in both Android & iPhone.

FaceTime for Android – FaceTime alternatives for Android


skype facetime for android

Skype is the legend in video calling services, it can be called as one of the pioneers in this space. Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2009, but it still remains one of the most successful video calling app .It has been powering video calls for a long time, even before the existence of Android or iPhone. But it has come to all the platforms now, Android, iOS & Windows phone. You can video call from any device to the other, which is a big plus point to Skype, which also differentiates it from other services listed here. It also has nice texting features including so many emojis. Also there is crystal clear quality audio call feature that’ll make you forget the normal calls once you get used to it. Skype is also widely used and one of the most popular video calling services and it’s a worthy alternative to Facetime in Android.


duo facetime for android

Duo is Google’s answer to Facetime. Duo is available for Android & iOS, but not in PC or Mac. Duo is a simple and straightforward video calling app which can be a nice alternative to Facetime for Android. It works straight away with a simple UI and awesome video quality if you’re having good connection speed. It does not have texting feature like Skype (you’ve Google Allo for that). Also you’ll miss out on audio calls like in Skype.


viber facetime for android

Viber is essentially a Skype alternative if you ask me, as it’s similar to Skype and has all the features of Skype. It has video calling, audio calling, texting and emojis features like in Skype. But Viber works with your phone number and it shows the contacts that are using Viber in the contacts screen automatically. You don’t need to have a user ID like you’d have on Skype. It is available for free on Android, iOS and even in desktop. It can be a nice alternative to Facetime in Android.



imo facetime for android

imo is a very much popular app in India. imo has a nice quality video calling feature and it also lets you send text messages & emojis. imo will give you high clarity video & audio if the signal strength is good. It also has got some good stickers and emojis with them. One unique feature in imo is that you can send custom stickers, written in your hand writing. imo is a nice Facetime alternative for Android which you can user right away.


line facetime for android

Line is a popular app in East Asian countries. Line is kind of Jack of all threads, because if has a nice audio & video calling function, also texting & stickers (Line rose to popularity because of it’s custom stickers). It also has a nice Facebook like timeline which people can find each other. One thing to note is that in Line, you can find other people (strangers) using Line just like you can in Facebook. Line operates using your phone number and also there’s Line username. There’s more, Line also has some games which you can play with your Line friends. Line can be an all in one chat app and a nice alternative to Facetime.


whatsapp facetime for android

WhatsApp is like the holy grail of texting apps. WhatsApp is so much popular in some parts of the world (especially India) that it has single handedly wiped out texting on SMS in India. WhatsApp has now introduced video calling which even though not that polished like you see in Skype or Duo, is pretty good considering the fact that it is a solid texting app which can replace your texting. It can be a good alternative to Facetime for Android.


tango facetime for android

Tango is a very old app, it was released in 2009 for Android (at first), but now it’s available for all platforms. As it started with Android the ecosystem & hardware optimization is at the best. Tango is also having a full fledged social networking feature like you find in Line. It doesn’t need a cellular connection to work on and uses usernames like Skype to work. It also have some games specifically made for Tango, again like Line. You can use Tango as Facetime alternative in your Android.

Facebook Messenger

messenger facetime for android

“My mom didn’t force me to study as much as Facebook forced me to install Messenger xD”

Jokes aside, Facebook Messenger started out as a side kick app for Facebook app, just for messaging your Facebook friends. But now Messenger has grown so much that it can be a stand alone app without Facebook.  It has video calling & audio calling features beside normal texting. It’s a no brainer choice if you & your friends love using Facebook. Facebook Messenger require you and your friends to be connected on Facebook (obviously), and you can add other people using the newly introduced usernames in Messenger.

Best FaceTime Alternatives : Comparison

  Skype Duo Viber imo Line WhatsApp Tango Messenger
Phone Number Required? NO YES NO YES YES YES NO NO

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Conclusion – FaceTime for Android

As I said earlier, you can’t use FaceTime directly in Android phones (no FaceTime for Android), but the above given apps are the closest FaceTime alternatives in Android which you can use to video call your friends in Android or iOS, pretty similar to how you do it in iPhone. I hope you liked this post, if you did, share this with your friends and family (use the share buttons you’ll find below).


  1. Best FaceTime alternatives for Android are webex, gotomeeting, R-HUB HD video conferencing servers etc.

  2. Another very good facetime alternative is: R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc. and provides 30 way HD video conference.

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