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How to Download And Install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Are you a Xiaomi user? Then you may be in a search to find out how to flash the latest firmware on your device easily. If yes, then here is a comprehensive article on how to download and install the latest firmware on any Xiaomi smartphone using the Mi flash tool. At first, it may seem to be a very complicated “geek” work. Well, you can learn the “geek” stuff in layman here.

With the Xiaomi Mi flash tool, one can fast load boot files on any Xiaomi device. Before getting into the geek stuff of download Xiaomi Mi Flash tool & installing it, it will be quite useful to know the functions and features of the Xiaomi Mi Flash tool. Read on!

How To Download And Install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Functions and Features of the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool


Xiaomi Mi Flash tool comes as an installer which means you have to install the tool on your PC for flashing your Xiaomi devices. The tool is available in .exe or .msi format. One should select either of the two versions for installing. The tool also comes with several packages like ADB tool, drivers, and an exclusive Mi tool.

Multiple Flashing Options

There are three flashing options available on the tool. This includes flash all, flashing all without storage, and flash all except data and storage. The user can change the flash settings at his/her will, by default the tool is set to flash all except storage.

It is recommended to go with the default settings

In-Built USB Driver

The flash tool comes with inbuilt USB drivers which include the Google ADB tool and drivers, Microsoft MTP and RDNIS drivers and Qualcomm serial bus drivers. Hence, you don’t have to install drivers for making this tool work.


So, where and how to download Mi Flash Tool for free?

Download Mi Flash Tool [Latest Version]

Here are some of the latest versions of Mi Flash tool which is available for free download.

Latest Version:

Older Versions:

Download MiFlash20160830

Download MiFlash20160401

Download MiFlash20151028

Download MiFlash20150731

Download MiFlash20150601

Download MiFlash20140509

How to Install Mi Flash Tool?

In the end, it has boiled down to the one single question. How to download and install mi flash tool?

Follow the step by step guide on how to do the same.

  1. To get started, Download Mi Flash tool from any of the links provided above. It is always advised to go with the latest version. The file will be available in the .zip format, make sure you unzipped for accessing the installation file. 
  2. Now, open up the extracted folder and click on the “.exe” or “.msi” installer file to launch the installation wizard.
  3. Once you click on the installation files, an installation window pops up. Click on Next and proceed to the next step.
    Install Xiaomi Mi Flash tool
  4. Choose your destination folder where you have to install the tool. Once decided, press on “Next”
  5. You will be asked to confirm the installation process. Once you tap on the “Confirm” button the installation process begins.
  6. The installation process will be interrupted by a windows security prompt dialogue box. You can safely click on “Install this driver software anyway“. The dialogue box looks something like this.Install Xiaomi Mi Flash tool
  7. The installer takes few minutes to complete the installation process. You will be asked to wait till the installation process to get over. Kindly wait till the process gets completed. Once the process is completed press on “Close” for closing the installer.
  8. That’s it you have successfully installed Mi Flash Tool on your computer.

How to Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool?

Follow the steps mentioned here to fast load firmware on your Xiaomi devices without bricking your devices.

  1. Follow the above steps to download and install Mi Flash tool on your computer.
  2. Once it is installed and ready to use, Switch off your Xiaomi device (make sure your device have enough battery life).
  3. Now, enter the fastboot mode by holding “Volume + Power Key” for at least 8 secs.
  4. Once you have entered the fastboot mode you will be welcomed with a robotic android logo. The screen looks something like this.xiaomi fastboot mode
  5. Now connect your Xiaomi device with your computer where you have installed Mi Flash tool using the USB cable.
  6. Open Xiaomi flash tool and locate the firmware (that you have downloaded and extracted on your computer).
  7. Now, Click on the refresh button. This allows the Mi Flash tool to recognize your phone.
  8. Click on the flash button to begin the flashing process.
  9. The flashing process takes few minutes to get completed. Once, completed you will be able to see the success message.

Conclusion: How To Download And Install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

I hope you have loved reading the article. Are you still in doubt about the process? If yes, feel free to contact us using the comment section. We will come to your help at the earliest. Subscribe to us and stay tuned for further updates on latest technology news and tweaks.

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