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List Of Best Custom ROMs For Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is company’s last year’s flagship, some say it was a flop, but it is still one of the popular Samsung devices out there. Samsung devices have always enjoyed a number of custom ROMs for it’s flagships, thanks to the popularity and TouchWiz (you know what I mean!). In this post, I’ll be listing out the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Before trying to install the ROM, please check the model numbers of your phone and select the correct supported version of ROM for your device. The phone is available under many model numbers and variants for different areas. Check out that :

Europe SM-G900F
Asia SM-G900I
Korea SM-G900K/G900L/G900S
Canada SM-G900W8
T-Mobile SM-G900T
Vodafone SM-G900M

Now let’s get to the usual warning part :

We (Gadgetraid) are not responsible for any damages that your device might undergo after flashing these ROMs. Rooting your phone and using custom ROMS have risks, and if instructions aren’t followed you can BRICK YOUR DEVICE. We are NOT responsible if your phone breaks, cries or die! And I forgot, your warranty will be void.

And double check the model number and confirm before flashing!


Your device should be rooted and should have a custom recovery to install these ROMs.


CM is the name that comes first when we talk about custom ROMs, and it is the first on the list of best custom roms for Galaxy S5. The latest version available for S5 is the lollipop based Cyanogenmod 12. CyanogenMod is definitely not the most feature rich ROM, but it is definitely one of the most stable and usable custom ROM available out there.

You can find the Official and Unofficial builds from here :

Find more about the unofficial version from its XDA forum thread.

Slim ROM (SlimKat)

This is one of my favorite ROM, I have been using Slim ROMs since the Jelly Bean days on my SGS3. This ROM is perfect for people who likes the Android experience to a bare minimum, it is even more simpler than CyanogenMod and is very light. The size of the ROM reflects that too, no wonder they named this Slim ROM, after all it is one of the most slimmest ROMs available for any device.

Slim ROM is light on features, but it scores big on usability. It is one of the most stable ROMs you can find for Galaxy S5. One of the iconic feature that originated with Slim ROMs is its Slim Recents, which replaces the original recents menu on Android with a custom half-page recents menu, which looks pretty great!

Download SlimKat (Unofficial) from XDA thread or from here.

Carbon ROM

Carbon is a respected ROM among geeks. It is based on AOSP & CM and offers a wide range of features. All of the features are buried under one option – Carbon Fibers, where you can find all the neat features that come with Carbon ROM. Carbon has got most features you can find in custom ROMs such as PIE control, navbar customization, and many many more. And one thing I particularly liked about Carbon is its boot animation, which is way more attractive than most of the others out there. Overall, it still stays at the top of the list of best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S5, don’t hesitate to try it out!

Download Carbon ROM from here :


AOSP based ROM which stands up to the name, it’s smooth as a liquid in the meantime providing awesome features. It’s a ROM I loved using, and it works great on Galaxy S5 too. Liquid smooth has got the Total Blackout mode which can do wonders in battery life with Galaxy S5’s AMOLED screen. This is similar to Slim ROM’s real dark slim feature, which makes the whole UI black removing the holo UI.

LiquidSmooth handles notifications in a beautiful way including features such as Active Display, HALO, Heads Up notifications and lock screen notifications. The navigation settings are also great including App circle sidebar, Gesture anywhere, PIE Controls and gesture anywhere. Overall LiquidSmooth is a great ROM to start with, and is definitely worth flashing!

Download LiquidSmooth ROM from official XDA thread or from here:

XtreStoLite ROM

Love TouchWiz? But want to enjoy a lag-free experience on your Galaxy S5? Xtrestolite ROM is there for you, which is a super debloated ROM. Yes, I used super debloated because it is only 414 MB in size, where an ordinary TouchWiz ROM (official or unofficial ports or custom builds) weighs around 1.5 GB on Kitkat. The developer has removed each and every bloat apps and some features from the official ROM. It comes with Aroma installer which lets you choose which apps you want to install. Download the full package from XDA Official thread.

Check out :

So that’s it guys, it was the list of best custom ROMs for Galaxy S5. Did I miss any ROM? If you feel so, please comment below, I’ll add those to the list! I hope you liked this article, if so please take a second to share this post!


  1. Lol still im still rocking dual ktlevzws [SM-G900V] one’s my daily and one’s my tester/custom/dev build. Its 2020 and im needing to rekernel, any suggestions?

  2. I too have the kltedv (S5 G-900i) and have tried the following ROMs ;
    – CM13 nightlies
    – Blisspop
    – ResurrectionRemix
    – Omega
    ALL of the above ROMs worked well EXCEPT for two things 1. the Camera and 2. the Flashlight
    I am really disappointed. I really liked Resurrection Remix however without the camera or flashlight, it’s not much good for me.
    I tried all the suggestions I could find from various sites but to no avail.
    Maybe one day soon (hopefully) they’ll solve those issues.
    Currently running stock Samsung ROM because at least everything works.

    1. 2 years later….are you still using the kltedv? I am as I love this device.
      Currently running Mokee 7.1.2 which is awesome!
      I’ve also tried the new Lineage and Res Remix Oreo roms which are still under development however look exciting. MIUI roms are certainly worth playing with however a little tough on the batteries.
      Bliss 6.4 was my choice for the longest time, unfortunately the Bliss team arn’t developing for our device at this time.

  3. Im on KLTEDV (G900i) BlissRom at the moment its quite stable. The fingerprint scanner could be a bit more reliable but other than that its a well rounded CM13 derivative. For those who are on the G900i aka KTLEDV its a good second choice. On a side note if you want to flash the CM13 klte nightlies but also dont want the crippling battery life an easy way is to install BlissRom make a nandroid backup with TWRP or CWM then make a fresh install of the CM13 nightlies. after thats installed restore the Boot of bliss rom backup section which contains the kernel for the G900i and viola!! You now have CM 13 nightlies on a KLTEDV device. PS the NFC still doesnt work.

  4. Curious. Any of these work well with bluetooth music streaming? I used cyanogenmod on this phone and Bluetooth music was terrible. Frequent pauses. Skips. Etc. Switch to a rooted tmobile rom and Bluetooth works great but is as slow as molasses.

    1. For me SIXPERIENCE if full of useless app, a lot of setting and program edge version, tried and flashed away after 2 day.

  5. Hello Buddy,

    You have not included the most stable ROM for S5 till date.

    That my friend is the MIUI V6 ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5…

    Is there any way I can get a JOB on your site..???

    Best Regards Habibi

  6. Slimrom does not yet officially support the Galaxy S5, being based on Cyanogenmod. Using SlimLP or Slimkat’s unofficial ROMs turn the S5 basically into a paperweight at the moment. This is because Cyanogenmod hasn’t yet worked out several bugs. I only comment because you cite these as official releases, and they aren’t; they are nightly builds, and anyone installing them should be warned that their phone won’t really work afterward. Case in point: I installed the unofficial s5 slimrom you linked to, messed with it for hours, and finally had to use Lollipop Moar after a fiasco. Just a heads up that until Cyanogenmod works out the bugs, none of its derivatives like Slimrom will be usable.

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