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Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2016 You Must Wait For!

This year has been a great year for all the Smartphones that have come up. But, there is no end to Smartphones, isn’t it? There is new waiting every month. So, let us have a look at the best upcoming smartphones of 2016 which will be worth waiting for.

Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7samsung galaxy s7

After the amazing S6, the Galaxy S7 is the new cool for Samsung in 2016 and it will definitely be one of the best upcoming smartphones 2016. Though there hasn’t been much mention about how the features would be incorporated into the phone, some of its key features are likely to include a 6GB RAM, Android 6.0, 5G network, a 5.5 inch screen with support for 5k. The phone can be expected anytime in March or April next year and is likely to be priced at 1111 USD which is equivalent to almost 70,000 INR.

OnePlus 3oneplus 3

The OnePlus Three is a successor of the OnePlus 2 if we go by the rumors that have been going around. It is quite evident that this one will be super powerful and obviously have features better enhanced than before. The OnePlus series has been quite known for its camera as well as performance. With the OnePlus 3 people are only expecting better and something larger. The company has been working on the third gen chipset already and of course it might be incorporated into the phone. from what the features might be, the phone will be a 5.5 inched UHD display along with GB of RAM and of course have Oxygen OS coupled with Android M. with a 4400 mAh battery, the primary camera is a good 21 M and the secondary a whooping 13 MP! It all sounds pretty much phone perfect!

iPhone 7iphone 7

It goes without saying that the iPhone series has always been the most anticipated phone every year, and also the best upcoming smartphones in 2016. Even before the 6S came into being, iPhone 7 was already the talk of the town. Everyone is indeed crazy for iPhones given the kind of class and stature it depicts. After all, it is the high end Smartphone which has managed to make a mark of its own at the fastest. Like always, this time too iPhone 7 will come up with something different as well as something that will set it apart from the previous versions. Some of the features of the iPhone include the following:

  • Because it is iPhone 7, it will most likely have iOS 10.
  • It will come with an upgraded chipset. (Apple A10)
  • It might as well incorporate an e-SIM card and the traditional SIM cards might be no more eligible!
  • One fascinating feature might be the sidewall display that it can have!
  • Also, finally, a USB charger will come into play!

After having spoken o much about the features and specifications, it is now time to reveal the pricing! The phone is likely to be priced at 937 USD which is equal to approximately 61000 INR.

LG G5lg g5

After having done so well in the market, it is now time to welcome LG G5. With the beginning of G3, the G series has done pretty well and has managed to make a good market for itself. It is likely to come with a 4 to 5 G RAM, a full UHD or QHD display, a 21 MP camera that can take images of 4k resolution!

Xiaomi Mi 5xiaomi mi 5

Xiaomi has done more than fairly well in the market in this year. it is cheap and still comes with high end Smartphones which easily fit our budgets. People have begun to expect a lot from the makers of Xiaomi and hence 2016 will be no less of a difference. Xiaomi will surely come up with a new idea for its next flagship in 2016 and hence specifications are not yet definite but some assumptions and approximations. The features include super amoled screen, a 4 GB RAM, support for 5G network, a 4200 mAh battery and a 21 MP primary camera along with a 13 MP rear camera.

HTC One M10htc one m10

HTC is yet another Smartphone that depicts class along with some great features that successfully set the phone apart. The M series has also done very well in the Smartphone market. Likely to be priced at 70,000 INR, the HTC M10 will be a 5.2 inch screen phone along with an HD display and a camera which has a 21 MP along with a 13 MP rear camera. The Smartphone will definitely manage to take all the hearts, especially those who are HTC lovers!


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So that was all about the best upcoming smartphones in 2016 which are in store for you! It is now indeed time to think about a new phone! Happy waiting!

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  1. OMG iphone 7 will be blast for all, i love apple products and waiting for iphone 7 to launch soon in 2016

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