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Best Texting Apps for Android 2017

So you text a lot and is bored with the default SMS app on your Android phone. Well, you can just change your texting/SMS app on your Android, as Android lets you change each and everything in it! Here in this post, we’ll be introducing you to the best & most popular texting apps for Android.

Texting has always been the default way of communicating with your loved ones from a long time. Just that now it’s improved alot from just “texts” to images, videos, emojis, and more. Sure there are now lots of messaging apps, not based on SMS, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc. But texting over SMS is not going anywhere soon!

The default messenger app on your Android does the primary job of texting; that’s not enough for you now. You can get lots of new features and change the way of texting by using these given below texting apps for Android. Here’s the list of top 7 SMS apps for Android that you were waiting for.

Best Texting Apps for Android

Chomp SMS

chomp sms best texting app

Chomp SMS might be the oldest app on this list; it has been around for so long. And it has been one of the community favourite texting apps for Android. It is also one of the most popular SMS apps in Play store with 10 million plus downloads. It has lots of features that you crave in your default texting app, including support for emojis, blocking, quick reply from the notification itself and even group messaging. Also, it’s totally compatible with Pushbullet & Android wear.


mysms texting app for android

MySMS comes with a very interesting feature; you can send messages from multiple devices using the same number. Yes, you read it right, you can send texts from your PC or laptop using your phone’s number. It shows and notifies you with new texts you receive on your phone; you can reply them from your browser itself. It also notifies you in your PC for calls.


Other than that, it has most of the features you’ll see in other texting apps listed out here, including message scheduling, group messaging, message export & import and more. But some of the features of MySMS comes under premium membership, which is going to cost you 9.99$ per year.

Go SMS Pro

go sms pro best sms app android

Go SMS Pro is from the guys who made the popular launcher app, Go Launcher Ex. Go SMS Pro is one of the most popular texting apps on Android, it’s also one of the most polished. Like Chomp SMS, this has also been in Play store for a long time.

What made Go SMS Pro so much famous is it’s wide collection of themes. If you’re into customization of your texting app, Go SMS Pro is the one to go. It also includes most wanted features such as emojis, stickers, blocking, delayed texts, dual SIM support and more. It also comes with private chats, where you can lock the messages you want to. The pro word in Go SMS Pro makes you think that this is a paid app, but it’s not it’s totally free to download.


hoverchat top texting app

Hoverchat is a unique texting app; it’s the first app to bring pop-up windows to texting. It’s not just pop up for an incoming message; it remains until you close it. It’s almost like the chat bubbles in messenger. It also includes multiple chat bubbles for different chats. It’s very useful at times you don’t want to exit an app just to send a text.

Other than this, it comes with a handful of features including Anti-NSA mode (end to end encryption for texts, the receiver must have hoverchat installed), emojis, themes and more. It’s available in Play Store for free but comes with a premium plan for $3.99.


qksms best texting app for android

QKSMS is essentially the most beautiful texting app for Android. It follows Material design plus lots of themes for you to customise. It sticks to material design guidelines; it’s the app you need to download if you’re totally into the material design.

Other than that, it includes features like night mode, floating notifications, group messaging. It’s free to download, but you’ve to pay $1.99 to unlock more themes and colours.

Textra SMS

textra top sms apps for android

Textra SMS is one of the highest rated texting apps for Android. It also follows the material design and includes lots of material design themes, emojis, floating notifications, message send delay and more.

One interesting feature in Textra is that you can select the emoji style to show in the app. It also supports Pushbullet & Android wear. It’s free to download from Play store but comes with in-app purchases.

Mood Messenger

mood sms app for android

Mood messenger is a simple yet intuitive SMS app for Android. It comes with a nifty feature, emoji suggestion. Mood messenger will predict the emoji you’re going to type next based on what you’ve typed. It also has Hoverchat like notification bubble for incoming messages (although not complete texting interface as in hoverchat).

Other than this, there are so many features included in Mood messenger including themes, private chats, dual SIM support and more. It also enables you to send animated GIFs through texts. You can also customise it using themes, and also it supports changing the background of chats. It’s available for download for free from Play store.

Conclusion : Best SMS apps for Android

So that’s it guys, that was the most popular and best SMS apps for Android, run through all of them and select the one which suits you better.

I hope this list of best texting apps for Android made you smile and wonder why I didn’t find this much earlier! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, you can use the share buttons below for that.

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