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List of the Best Gamecube Emulators For PC, Android, Linux & Mac

If you are a hardcore gamer then you might want to know about some gaming consoles and their performance. Nintendo is famous for the gaming consoles it launches that hit high sales record within a short amount of time. Gamecube and Wii are two such consoles launched by Nintendo which was a huge hit. The Gamecube gaming console was launched by Nintendo in 2001 and is the first of the kind to have optical discs as its primary storage.

Nintendo Gamecube console became extremely demanded because of its efficiency which offered seamless performance while running high definition games. It’s sales rocketed to 22 million worldwide before its production was stopped by the company in 2007. Gamecube also supported online gaming through a modem and could be connected to Gameboy Advance using a link cable. It had offered better graphics than PS2 by Sony. It was good enough to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS2 and PS3.

Having heard all this, you might be intrigued enough to want to get your hands on it. But Gamecube gaming console was discontinued. Fear not, there is another way to get this fantastic gaming experience with just some devices you own. You just need an emulator and some platform that is supported by it like Android, Windows, Mac or Linux. So if you have gout your devices at the ready, then get ready to download the best Gamecube emulator from the list of the best ones in the market that we have given here.

Best Nintendo Gamecube Emulators

  1. Dolphin Emulator (Best Gamecube Emulator For PC, Linux, Mac & Android)

    A piece of trivia for you. The Gamecube’s code name is ‘dolphin’. Dolphin is a great emulator which supports both Gamecube and Wii gaming consoles on your device. It offers high performance and is the best if you want a high definition gaming experience that most of the other emulators don’t offer. It supports a lot of games and is a smooth running emulator with very few bugs which will be rid of with the future updates.Top Gamecube Emulators For Android and PC

    The stable versions of the Dolphin emulator are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Also, Dolphin is open sourced, meaning, its source code is open to all and anyone can work on it for developing it for other platforms or to fix the bugs and improve its performance. To make it easy, we are listing the main features of the Dolphin emulator below. Go through them to make an informed decision.

    • It offers 1080p resolution.
    • Allows Save and Reload.
    • Supports Wiimote and Nunchuck for an amazing gaming experience.
    • The anti-aliasing graphics of the Dolphin emulators makes the games look awesome.

    The Dolphin emulator for Gamecube is quite fast and is stable performance wise. Moreover, the graphics it offers is better than that of the original console and the controls can be configured too with the support of Wiimote. The small con of this emulator is that it lags with just a few games.

  2. WhineCube Emulator

    Developed using the C++ programming language, WhineCube is yet another Gamecube emulator which offers hassle-free gaming experience and lets you play your favourite Gamecube games easily. It has a very good graphics and sound support. It is capable of loading and executing DOL, ELFand GCM file formats. It is currently only available on Windows and runs most of the games seamlessly. Development of this emulator for other platforms are underway and might be available in the future.Top Gamecube Emulators For Android and PC

    WhineCube has provision to turn ON and OFF debugging. It is a high-performance emulator with configurable controls and is quite fast. A drawback of this Gamecube emulator is that it doesn’t run any commercial games but supports a few homebrew games such as Tetris Worlds, Pacman and BAM. We have listed its important features below.

    • WhineCube is a very fast emulator.
    • It supports high-level emulation with its primitive HLE system.
    • WhineCube also has configurable controls.

    Thus, WhineCube is a fast Gamecube emulator with great graphics and audio support. It also can be easily run on old PCs. The drawback of WhineCube is that it does not have a DSP Assembler and has many bugs and may crash occasionally. Its debugging option is always turned ON by default too. So that is all about the WhineCube emulator.

  3. Dolwin Emulator

    This emulator is based on Power PC derivative processor for Nintendo Gamecube gaming console. Dolwin has a very user-friendly interface. It supports high-level emulation. Dolwin was created using the C language with some additional x86 optimizations. It users interpreter and just in time compiler techniques. The hardware emulation in Dolwin is based on system plugins.Top Gamecube Emulators For Android and PC

    Dolwin is also open source and can be developed by anyone who wishes to. It is currently only available for the Windows PC. Its development is still in progress. Also, Dolwin does not support any commercial games as of now though as the development is still going on, it may support these games in the future. Dolwin is a very accurate emulator. You can refer to the features that we have listed here to decide on the emulator that you want.

    • Dolwin supports full-screen mode.
    • It has configurable controls
    • This emulator offers very accurate emulation.
    • The emulation level of Dolwin is very high.
    • Dolwin offers a user-friendly interface to work with.

    A notable advantage of Dolwin emulator is that it supports DVDR plugin. In addition to this, the emulation level of this Gamecube emulator is quite brilliant with excellent graphics and great support for audio. You should also consider the drawbacks of Dolwin which is that it does not support commercial games yet and this emulator also does not run on old PCs. Considering all these points, Dolwin is a pretty good Gamecube emulator for the Windows PC.

Conclusion – Best Gamecube Emulators

As always, we recommend you go through the article carefully before you decide on the emulator that suits your needs while keeping in mind that these are the best Gamecube emulators in the market with Dolphin offering the best performance among them. Also, they are all under constant development, so you should expect minor bugs and errors and none of them is flawless. So there you have it, the top emulators of Gamecube available as of now. Hope this article was useful to you, clear and easy to understand. As always, thanks for reading.

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