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Top 5 custom roms for Moto E (1st Gen) XT1022, XT1021 & XT1025

Moto E ,the last year’s best budget phone award winner. Motorola’s makes a huge lift on budget phone segment on release of Moto E with pure android experience! But hey, who want to miss out the fun sticking to stock Android all the way, we want to have fun with our Android to the fullest by dirty flashing and experimenting. But we all have stood at the moment where we’re confused about which ROM to flash next, that is one big question for me always when I’m flashing! So, in this post we’ll be discussing about the best custom roms for Moto E (1st Gen)!

Custom Roms contains a number of tweaks and enhanced UI which will not only make your device look cool, but also make your device faster with out missing out on the features front. Not only looks you can feel the difference in your device’s performance too after trying any one of the best custom roms for Moto E. We tested them on our device and listing them according to their battery and performance of the device for some days. All the Custom Roms listed in our article are our personal choice which we tried after narrowing them to the best custom roms for Moto E.

Disclaimer :

We (Gadgetraid) are not responsible for any damages that your device might undergo after flashing these ROMs. Rooting your phone and using custom ROMS have risks, and if instructions aren’t followed you can BRICK YOUR DEVICE. We are NOT responsible if your phone breaks, cries or die! And I forgot, your warranty will be void. Also, before flashing these be sure to check the model numbers of your phone with the model numbers listed on the ROM’s official page. 

Prerequisites to Install Custom Roms on Moto E :

  1. Make sure that you are trying to install below mentioned custom roms on Moto E only. Flashing them on other devices will brick your devices.
  2. Make sure that your device is rooted and custom recovery installed.
  3. Make sure to take backup of important data on your device as you will lose data during the process.
  4. Make sure to take nandroid backup before flashing any custom rom on your device.
  5. Make sure that your device has enough battery

List of custom ROMs for Moto E

If you are also searching for best custom ROMs for Moto E and your search may end up right here ,as mentioned above installing different custom ROMs is our personal choices .and you can comment below yours favorite ROMs .

crDroidcrdroid for moto e

Our first pick is crDroid, it has been always an underrated custom ROM if it is compared against the likes of CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android. The reason behind to make it as the first choice is that, the ROM got many features of other top ROMs bundled in a single ROM, so you don’t switch between other ROMs for limited features. ROM’s performance is well fluidic to get the best performance on your device and as well the battery is also good at high performance level.


Download crDroid

Paranoid Android – AOSPA [Unofficial]

paranoid android for moto eParanoid Android or AOSPA has been one of the most famous custom roms for some time, it has been a crowd favorite because of it’s pioneer features like Halo, Dynamic status bar, Notification peek to name a few. On this ROM you can tweak the performance of your device by tweaking the processor clock speed and you can feel the look and style of the phone along with awesome performance. It is one of the best custom roms for Moto E now, eventhough it is unofficial, the current unofficial build is highly stable and usable as a daily driver.

Download Paranoid Android

CynogenMod 11 & 12 [unofficial]

cyanogenmod for moto eThe third pick from us would be CynogenMod 11 & 12. Cyanogenmod doesn’t need any introduction, it was the ROM that has single handedly brought the custom roms and flashing to fame and what we’re now using is started by Cyanogen. Even though they support a lot of devices officially, unfortunately, Moto E isn’t yet supported officially but we do get unofficial CM11 & CM12 which is more than great to be used as daily drivers. These are also blessed with regular nightly updates from devs behind unofficial cm for Moto E.

The highlight of this Cyaongenmod for Moto E is its amazing performance and great battery backup. Cyanogenmod 11 runs flawlessly in Moto E and the performance is amazing, I’ve been using the same for some time before I switched to crDroid.

Download cyanogenmod 11

Download Cyanogenmod 12

Carbon ROM

carbon rom for moto eThe important features of the Carbon ROM is the performance itself. If you are a intensive gamer, you will surely like Carbon. The RAM management is heavily tweaked and the performance is extra ordinary. If the list is made on the basis of performance, this ROM will lead the above all. And it is known for its stability and usability, without any compromise on features!

This is one of the fastest and light weight rom available for Moto E. The ROM is also recommended for daily usage due to it’s awesome battery backup and its performance.

Download Carbon rom

Slimkat ( only for single sim variants)

slimkat for moto eSlimkat is our last pick, Slimroms has been around for quite a few time now, and it is widely known for providing fluidic and silky smooth performance, while being ultra trimmed down on the size of ROM. That is also the uniqueness of Slimroms, it’s slim on size and power needed, but not at all in features. It got many unique features like the dark user interface and many more which make it stand out of the crowd and the most notable feature being the custom recents menu, Slim recents. The ROM is available for only single sim variants and we are recommending to flash this ROM only in single sim Moto E variant only.

Download Slimkat

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We hope you enjoyed this list post on the best custom roms for Moto E (1st gen) XT1022, XT1021&XT1025. Did we miss anything? Do let us know by commenting below! 🙂

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