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Top 10 Best Android Browsers 2017

Web browsers are the single most impost app in your Android phone, as it is what connects you to the World Wide Web on your phone. Sure there are lots of apps for each and everything you want, but an Android web browser is what you need to find almost anything available on the Internet. Actually, a single web browser can eliminate the use of a dozen of apps (even more) from you Android phone.

But you’ve to make sure that you’re using the right & best Android browser in order to have optimum browsing experience in your phone. As there are a lot to choose from in Play store, you might find it a little difficult & confusing in choosing the best Android browser, as per your need. That’s why we’ve made a list of best Android browsers 2017 to make it easier for you. This list is almost complete with each and every type of Android web browsers you’d require in your phone. Read on!

Note : I’ve made this list according to my personal liking and I’ve tried to make it completely honest as I can. The browsers in this list are listed according to my personal ranking starting from #1. If you feel I’m wrong in anything, do comment and let me know. 🙂

Best Android Browsers 2017

UC browser

UC browser is my #1 pick for the best Android browser 2017 list. That’s because it is the most feature packed Android web browser you can download. UC browser has lots of things going on for it to make it one of the best in the business. For starters, it has one of the slickest UI for a browser and gets frequent update. It also has a very powerful download manager built in so that you can easily download the videos or files without fear of the download broken. It has a special “Speed mode” which is optimal for browsing Facebook, with speed mode which will load the lite version of mobile version of Facebook site, this can be very helpful if you’re on a slower network.

One thing particular about UC browser which sets it apart from other browsers listed here is that it has a very powerful caching system, the sites and pages you visited will be stored in memory, if you hit back button the site will not take up extra data while loading the page. Also it’s the most optimized web browser for an Android phone, with it’s “Auto page loader”, which loads the next page on a website if it is having any & “Text Wrap” which wraps the text around in the screen and fills it, so that you only have to scroll down to read the texts in the page (works perfectly for old websites). Also there’s a “Text only” mode which shows only the texts in a web page and helps in slow networks.


UC browser has inbuilt music player too, which is a full fledged music app by itself. Also there’s access to UC music download service, which also includes songs collection from Hungama music, which you can access directly from homepage. Also UC news is built into browser, which is a fully fledged news feed reader. (They have the exact same thing as a different app in Play store).


  • Very powerful download manager inbuilt.
  • Optimal for browsing Facebook, with speed mode which will load the lite version of mobile version of Facebook site.
  • Lots of add ons available such as translator, ad block, private bookmarks etc.
  • Text mode only for saving more data and faster loading while you’re on slower 2g network.
  • Themes and backgrounds, you can also set custom wallpaper for browser.


  • Takes up lots of RAM. (If you’re having a low end Android phone with 1gb RAM or below, go for UC Mini instead).


best android browser uc browser

best android browser uc browser

best android browser 2017

best android browser 2017 uc uc music

Opera Browser for Android

Opera is a well known name among browsers, it is one among the top three third party browsers for PC & Mac. Opera for Android is easily one of the best Android browser. It is built on top of Chromium open source, which is the engine which powers Google Chrome (Google has made it open source for other devs to work on). Opera is a very clean browser, with some nifty features. It has it’s well known “data saver” feature from it’s Opera mini browser built right in to it, which also has an ad blocker. Also the news reader is available if you swipe to left from home screen (This feature has been drastically improved on the beta version of Opera, Opera beta).


  • Clean UI & simpler navigation.
  • Three different app layouts – Phone, Classic & Tablet. (Classic & Tablet mode are exceptional, although Classic is my favorite).
  • Can handle lots of tabs at a time and still not crash (unlike UC, which has a limit of 10 tabs at a time, and Chrome which will get slower when lots of tabs are open at the same time).


  • Lack of add ons like in UC, Firefox & Dolphin.

You can also try on Opera beta, which is having a new interface and an awesome new feed reader.

Note : Opera has been updated and the new Opera browser will be looking like the old Opera beta. Screenshots given below will be the same for both Opera & Opera beta, the one posted here is the old Opera screenshots. You can still download Opera beta to try out new features if any.


best android browser opera

best android browser 2017

best android browser opera

Opera Beta

best android browser opera beta

best android browser 2017 opera beta

Google Chrome

You may be thinking why Google’s own browser came in the third position in this list. I’ll tell you why, it’s just that Chrome is basic in features when compared to other browsers in this list (especially UC browser). But it doesn’t mean Chrome is not a good as others, it is still the best Android browser you can find if you’re not looking any added features other than browsing. But the take away here is Opera is built over Google Chrome’s open source Chromium engine (means, they’re basically the same), and has more features and options than that of Chrome. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Chrome now :


  • Syncs with your PC browser, it’s just perfect if you’re a Chrome user in PC.
  • Data saving mode, although not sophisticated as Opera’s it still does the job well.
  • Do not track option in built if you care more about your privacy.
  • Incognito mode works well as in Chrome desktop browser.
  • Perfect if you’re all into Google ecosystem.


  • Heavier than other browsers in this list, takes up lots of RAM & processing power.
  • Limited features & lack of Add ons.


best android browser 2017 chrome

best android browser chrome for android

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has been ruling PC browser scene long before Google Chrome came to the market. Shortly after Google introduced Chrome, Firefox’s monopoly was taken over by Google’s own browser. But still Firefox is a default choice for many users. Firefox browser for Android carries over the same DNA of it’s PC browser for it’s Android version. It is definitely one of the best Android browsers you can download now on Android.


  • Sync works perfectly with your desktop Firefox browser. Integrates pretty much everything from desktop browser, if you’re a Firefox user in desktop, this is perfect for you.
  • Firefox Add ons works just perfectly as in desktop browser, which is the single best reason to use Firefox. It has third party Add ons just for everything. If you’re a Firefox user in desktop, you know what I’m talking about.
  • Themes for desktop Firefox browser also works perfectly here.
  • Night mode dims the light and darkens the web pages for you to read easily in night.


  • You must be having good Internet connection to enjoy Firefox, as Firefox for Android tends to under perform than other browsers in low speed Internet.
  • No data saving mode like Opera or Firefox.


best android browser 2017 firefox for android

best android browser 2017 firefox

Puffin Web Browser

If you want a “wicked fast browser”, as they call it, you must try Puffin Browser. Puffin is perfect for browsing websites in their desktop mode. I was amazed how fast Puffin loaded Facebook desktop site, in fact it loaded without any hick up as some browsers may.

Other awesome features include the option to use virtual mouse and pointer, which is awesome for desktop style browsing. And also virtual joy stick, which is useful for playing Facebook and other flash games in Android.

There’s also a pro version of Puffin, Puffin Browser Pro which is having little more features and no ads.


best android browser 2017 puffin browser

best android browser puffin

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is a popular browser among Android users. It’s like that for a reason, it’s simple and powerful. It’s got each and every feature you want in a mobile browser plus a little more. It is one of the most polished browser of the lot too.

It comes with many add ons similar to that of Firefox add ons, though it’s not as powerful and it. But still very much useful. The gesture controls of Dolphin is something you’ll miss in other browsers after using this for a while.


best android browser 2017 dolphin browser

best android browser dolphin

CM Browser

You might know the developers of CM browser, it’s from the people who made Clean Master (although I oppose use of this app, it’s definitely on top of Play Store downloads list).

CM Browser definitely deserves to be on this list, it is a simple and light weight browser. It also has a news feed feature like the ones you find in UC browser & Opera beta, which is a nice addition in this small browser. CM browser boasts it’s security features and they also tout it as a fully secure and private browser (on incognito).


best android browsers 2017 cm browser

best android browser cm browser

best android browser

Apus browser

You might have heard of the name Apus for their awesome small sized launcher, but they also have an awesome small browser which is one of the best small sized Android browser you can download in your phone. Apus browser has some nifty features which are not found in your normal Android browser, most useful one of it is pop up to search Web for the texts you copy. It is definitely worth a try if you’re low on memory or you are using a low powered Android phone.


best android browser 2017 apus browser

best android browser apus


Flynx browser is one of the best bubble browser available on the Play store now. If you don’t know what a bubble browser is, let me explain it to you. These kind of browsers are not a fully fledged browsers like UC, Opera or Chrome, but just a supporting browser, which you can use to open quick links. When you open any link from some app in Flynx, it will load in background (in a small floating bubble) and you can see when it is completely loaded. The bubble of Flynx is like the Facebook Messenger’s chat bubble option, you get what I’m talking about right. Also there’s option in Flynx to load the pages in text only reading mode, which not only loads faster, makes it easier to read the page, if it’s just text. And the other feature in Flynx is that you can save the links you open for later, which means you can see the link you saved any time you want.


best android browser 2017 flynx

InBrowser – Incognito Browser

So you use incognito or private mode a lot? Want to level up the game? You have InBrowser, which is a very powerful Incognito browser, which won’t even let a single trace after you left the browser screen. It is so private that if you navigate to next app or hit the home button, InBrowser will not even show up in the Recents menu and will delete the history right away. It’s perfect when someone comes in and you were browsing in private, and you hit home button. Even if they search the recents screen, they’ll not have an idea that you were browsing these things (I hope you get it 😛 ).


best android browser 2017 inbrowser

Conclusion : Best Android Browsers 2017

So that’s it guys, that was out top 10 best Android browsers 2017 that you can download right away. I truly hope I didn’t miss out on any browsers here on this list of all top Android web browsers. Don’t hesitate to comment down what you think of this list, do let me know what you have to say in the comments. Peace!


  1. I use Wire. Great when saving stuff you find online. Don’t need a separate app as you can find what you’ve saved, directly on

  2. I just dumped Firefox for Android – crashed continually. I’m a longtime Linux user and Firefox works well on that platform though it’s a memory hog.

    Thanks for the article, I’ll be checking out Opera as I also use Chromium on my Linux box.

    1. Awesome brother! 🙂
      I’m also a long time Firefox user, I didn’t get any crashes recently though. You can also check out their experimental version, Firefox Aurora.

  3. Google chrome was great but now has to much junk and adds. CM is my choice because of the incognito mode.

  4. I was using Google Chrome in the begining, but later it started consuming huge space on my internal memory. Then I tried several browsing apps and later finished with Apus browser. It is an excellent choice especially if you have less internal storage.

    Good post. Have a nice day !

  5. Puffin is very fast and I can play flash based games in the browser. I kind of like it but Chrome is <3

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