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How To Fix ‘Application Not Installed’ Error?

People often download and install apps from other unverified sources. Most of the times, they keep on getting the infamous “App Not Installed” error. So, are you frustrated? If so, you will find this article interesting.

Whenever a person downloads and installs an app which is not on google play, the device keeps on reminding you that the app is not installed. Have you wondered why this error keeps popping up in the first place? Actually, the error is caused by your actions rather than a software or hardware issue. So, it is important to find where you have gone wrong while installing the application.

Fix Application Not Installed Error Now!

Why is your phone showing Application Not Installed Error?

Application not installed error pops up when there is a failure in your installation process, it mainly happens due to one of the following reasons.

  1. Not enough storage space

    If there isn’t enough space for your app to get installed, it is never going to be installed. So, before installing anything on your device make sure you have enough space for it.

  2. Storage Selection

    One most ignored issue is the storage selection. Some apps may work well only if it is installed on internal storage.  It is very much important to select the location before the installation process.fix application not installed error

  3. Corrupted File

    The installation files downloaded from unverified sources are often corrupted and fake. As of now, there is nothing much you could do to find if the file is broken or not. All you can check is the extension of the file.

  4. Application Adaptability

    The application which you are trying to install must be compatible with your device or it won’t work. One need to find whether the version of the app is compatible with your device. If you are on the latest firmware there is nothing much to worry.

  5. Undetected SD Card

    In one of the rare cases, an undetected SD card can make you go merry round go for some time as it is not easily detectable. Always make sure you have an SD card in place if you wish to download and install the app on an SD card.


How to Fix Application Not Installed Error?

Here are some of the potential solutions to fix app not installed error. You may use any of the method mentioned below for fixing the error. I’m sure that one of them would help you in fixing the error, if not please do mail us about the same.

Method 1: Unsigned App

For using this method make sure you have ZipSinger app installed on your device. If not, make sure you install it for proceeding with this method.

  • Download and install ZipSinger from Google play store.
  • Tap on the icon and launch the app.
  • Your app dashboard looks something like this.zipsinger download
  • Locate the apk file by tapping on input/output.
  • Tap to sign the file.
  • Let the process be complete and then install the signed apk.

Method 2: Reset All App Preferences

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Open Apps or Apps manager and check for all apps.
  • Tap on menu icon.
  • Click on “Reset App Preferences”.

Method 3: Change App Codes

  • Download APK Editor from google play store.
  • Now open APK Editor App and click on ”Select APK from APP” or “Select an Apk File”
  • Now, find the app and click on common edit.
  • Now, change the version of the app to an older one which is compatible with your device.
  • Apply the changes in the app.

Now, you can use the newer versions which weren’t compatible with your device.

Method 4: Clear Data and Cache of Package Installer

  • Go to Settings → Manage Apps.
  • Check for package installer under system apps.
  • You will find two options – clear data and clear cache.
  • Now tap to clear both data and cache. It should fix your problem and run the app smoothly.

Method 5: Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

For allowing apps from unknown sources, you should manually enable the option on your device. For doing so, follow the steps.

  • Go to settings → security → unknown sources.
  • Now enable the option for allowing the user to install apps from unknown sources.

Now, the installation process should work without errors.

Method 6: Clear Storage/Change Storage location

If you are installing an app on your device, make sure you have enough space in it. If not, you will be bombarded with Application not installed error. It is also very much important to check the storage location. In some cases, apps require you to install it on internal storage. In order to avoid the error in these cases.

I recommend downloading and installing the app on internal storage.


If storage is the problem, fix the storage space running out error first.

Other Efficient Ways To Fix Application Not Installed Error

  • Delete .android_secure/smdl2tmpl.asec file from your SD Card.
  • Reboot the device.
  • Uninstall and remove the previous versions of the app from the device.
  • Remove the SD card and make sure you aren’t connected to the PC.
  • Make sure there is enough space on your device.
  • Now, start the installation process and wait until it gets over.

Conclusion: Application Not Installed

These are some of the best-known fixes for Application not installed error. If you are still facing the same issue, comment down the issue you’re facing. We will try everything in our force to get the issue corrected.

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  1. My Application only installed Pie Version ,But not installed other android version. So I don’t understand that ,what i do.

  2. cant install yu-gi-oh duel links latest version (3.10.0) all previous have installed fine….have tried all the methods, device is Huawei Mate 9…Any advice?

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