Use Android in Right-to-Left Layout, if you’re left handed [Trick]

You can enable the secret settings in your Android device to make the device go Right-to-Left. That is your device’s UI will be from right to left and not the usual left to right. This is how Android is shown in languages that are written right to left (Arabic), you can force your device to show the UI like it is shown in Arabic.

This option can do wonders with your device if you’re left handed. Because the slide out menu for most of the apps will be shown from the opposite side. It can also be used to prank your friends and family!

Check out these screenshots, and see how awesome (and confusing) this can be :

1. Enable Developer options on your device.

To do that, find the build number of your device in the settings.  It is different for different models.

  1. Stock Android: Settings > About phone > Build number. (Most phones follow this)
  2. Samsung: Settings > About device > Build number.
  3. HTC: Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number.

android developer options right to left

Start tapping on the build number for 7 times. You’ll see a pop up saying “You are now a developer”. You can see “You are already a developer” in the screenshot because developer options are already enabled on this phone.


2. Enable Force RTL layout

Now that the developer options are enabled, just find “Force RTL layout direction” in the developer option and check it.

right to left android

You can see the UI being shown from right to left, all the elements have been changed, including status bar and navigation buttons.

Try this one right now to get a fresh new look for your Android UI. You can also use this to prank your friends by making their phones go Right-to-Left! Believe me, this one can be so tricky and can cause serious head aches for your friends. I myself had gone made using mad it for some time.

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  1. It has been almost twenty years since PDAs and touch screens entered the market, and left handed people are STILL getting screwed over by inconsiderate and ignorant software makers, depsite the fact that they have long been told that their failures are a problem (see also: the idiots at apple and lack of reception on their phones). If developers treated the disabled the way they treat left handed people, there would be lawsuits galore.

  2. Waooo, Awesome Trick bro, never know about this android trick even using samsung android mobile since 4 years but never come to know. You rock buddy 🙂

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