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Download Android Oreo Wallpapers in Quad HD (Stock Wallpapers)

I know you’re excited about Android Oreo, and to kick start the excitement, you might be searching for something, that can make your device a little more like the newest version of Android, the Android 8.0 Oreo. You can download all the Android Oreo wallpapers from this page (that is released till now).

We got a short glimpse on the next version of Android with Google releasing the Developer Preview of Android O. With that, we also got the default wallpaper set in the Android Oreo.

Talking about the wallpaper, the first one released was unlike any other wallpapers Google included in Android as stock before. This one is an image of earth from outer space. If you remember the nougat wallpapers, you must know that they were kind of abstract wallpapers (like most wallpapers you’d find), but this is a first with a view from the outer space. And I must say, boy it looks damn beautiful!

Download Android Oreo Wallpapers

You can download these wallpapers of Android Oreo directly from the image below or you can just click on the button given after the image to download as a zip. The image attached below is a smaller version of the original image, to download the full resolution version of the Android Oreo stock wallpaper given below, scroll down and click on the download button in the next section.

Android O Wallpaper

Android Oreo wallpapers (2) Android Oreo wallpapers (3) Android Oreo wallpapers (4)

Android Oreo wallpapers (5)


How to save the image : If you’re on a PC, right click & choose “Save image as” and if you’re on your phone, long press on the image till the pop up comes & choose “Save image” option. Although this differs based on browsers.

Download Android Oreo Wallpaper as a Zip file


File name

Android O

File size


Image type


Number of wallpapers included



2880 x 2560 pixels

All the images are of 2880 x 2560 resolution (Quad HD) & the current file is 6.5 MB in size, with 5 image included in the zip file.


The Android Oreo wallpapers provided here are the official wallpapers present in the official preview of Android 8.0 Oreo. Google will be adding many more wallpapers to this collection as soon as the official release is out. We’ll be adding more wallpapers from that when it is released. For now, there’s this one insanely awesome wallpaper of Android Oreo, we’ll be updating this post with more wallpapers as soon as they comes out. Stay tuned and subscribe to our notifications to be updated when it comes out! (Use the red bell button on the bottom left corner for that 😉 ).

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