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We’re a growing Gadgets & Tech website focusing on providing useful and exclusive content to readers around the world! We’re trying to be the number one Gadgets blog in India, and recently we celebrated our 1st year anniversary. And now, we feel like we’re open to advertisers all over the world!

Why you should advertise on Gadgetraid?

  • has a reach of over 150K views each month. (We’re on the rise, steadily 😉 )
  • The top countries of traffic are US and India.
  • The readers of Gadgetraid are exceptionally comminicative and we do have a good relationship with them by having good communication with them through comments and email support!
  • Almost all of the traffic coming to Gadgetraid is Organic (Google mostly).

Advertisement Slots available :

  1. Top Header Banner
  2. Sidebar Banner
  3. Inside Content Banner

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